Amee Cantagallo

Do you want a game changer for how to love yourself at this moment and every moment there after? Love the authentic you, the one buried under self-doubt. The one whose voice should be heard deserves to be heard. The one who wants encouragement, courage, and advice.

This site is about the woman under all the responsibility. The can do and does do it all woman. The woman who needs to know there is a soft place to land. The woman who wants to share, explore, and own her story. The woman who needs to phone in for help, one who often struggles but isn’t afraid of failure. The one that needs a kind word, a smile, and a hug.

The woman who doesn’t want a template because templates lie.

This site is about finding your voice and singing like you do in the shower.

I know how it is after years of raising my kids I began to lose my identity. It didn’t hit me until I was sitting in front of someone interviewing me for a job and they said, “Describe yourself.” I lost my breath as I tried to push back the word mom into my mouth. It isn’t that I am not proud to be a mom, but it isn’t who I am, it is a part of me.

I began slowly trying to form the words that would paint the picture of who I am. It is so hard to form your being in words. It’s like capturing a rainbow in a jar or counting glitter as it spills out of the jar. I told her. I am someone who wants to dream, believes in the goodness of people. I am happy to be alive and look forward to living my best day yet. I am someone who is wise but knows I still have a lot to learn. I find comfort in a good book, cupcake, and a bubble bath, sometimes they are all necessary at the same time.

I believe in adventures, I know deep conversations start with communication. I am someone who isn’t afraid to tell the truth. I took a hard look at my life last year and decided I would only surround myself with people who bring me joy. It is a difficult journey to acknowledge what makes you happy and let go of the drama but one I deserve to take.

I am a wife, mom, patriot, and giver of good advice but most of all I am true to myself and excited about the journey ahead.

On this site, you will find my journey as I tackle my house, my aging body, finding the peace I desire, and attempting to turn back time or at the very least slowing it down with healthy choices in my actions and my mind.