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Amee is a 40 year old rock star, on the sidelines, in the kitchen, and at the mall. She loves her husband, kids, red lipstick, dresses, traveling, reading a good book, taking pictures, and making each day count.

Mar 13

How to Decorate with Wallpaper

By Amee | Style

    Real Advice Gal Tip: Take a chance you may even like it. These are the best tips for cheap home interior decoration using wallpaper for anyone who wants a change.¬†How to Decorate with Wallpaper¬†was the question I was going to answer because it was a change that was easy to do and one […]

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Feb 05

What To Do When Your Hair Turns 40

By Amee | Beauty

What are good hair products for women over 40 that really works? I can’t believe when you age your hair gets old. I am not sure why I didn’t realize it but I didn’t, and it wasn’t until my hair resembled a brillo pad instead of the chic mane I was used to that I […]

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