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27 Free Weight Watchers Recipes with Points Plus for Dinner

Weight Watcher's Recipes with Points Plus for weight loss

Free Weight Watchers Recipes with Points Plus

It’s the new year and to start it off right we should add healthy living in our New Year’s resolutions list. It’s time to shed the holiday weight that we gained, and this means we need to exercise more and to start eating healthy. Being conscious of the food we eat is very important, but it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. I rounded up my favorite quick and easy Weight Watchers recipes with points plus to help you prepare your daily Weight Watchers dinner menus. Healthy eating for weight loss doesn’t mean you will starve yourself or eat bland tasting foods, these Weight Watchers recipes for dinner are all delicious and are perfect even for the whole family. I also have a Weight Watchers Lunch Recipes round-up that you should check out!

Weight Watcher's Recipes with Points Plus for weight loss

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10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

10 step Korean skin care routine

Cleanse, tone and moisturize that’s the skincare routine that most of us grew up to and that’s what I did until two years ago.  When it comes to skin care, I can say that I’ve always been diligent. As early as 14 years old, my mom got me my first skin care kit with facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. She nagged me every day to use them, or else I will regret it when I get older when dark spots and wrinkles start to appear, and of course, I was scared so even though moisturizer at that time felt oily I still followed her instructions.

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine is a great way to totally revamp your beauty routine! Look no further than our own resident skin care expert!

I believed her because growing up I saw my mom lather cold cream on her face every night and until now she has the softest skin I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately for me, I did not get that soft skin gene, but I can say that her nagging for me to do my daily skin care seemed to work well because I grew up without any major skin issues. But then two years ago something changed, my skin just can’t take any skincare product. Any product even facial wash makes my skin super red and itchy, I thought I was just allergic to the product I used, so I went to buy other brands that are hypoallergenic and even tried baby products, but still my skin still got itchy and red, and worst I even had skin asthma. I was so frustrated at that time; then my dermatologist told me to try Korean skin care, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

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April 2, 2018

Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits

Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits

I firmly believe every woman is beautiful. In fact I launched a You are beautiful campaign a few years ago. You can see all the lovely ladies that joined me.

   You are Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign 

I am really not sure why with all the swim suit options people chose to wear suits that do nothing for their bodies. It is difficult to find a suit that fits. I suggest buying separates. I also suggest being honest with yourself. If you are trying on string bikinis and you need a search and rescue mission to find the string it isn’t the suit for you. I also suggest bending over and looking at your butt. You should only see about 1/4 of your butt unless you are someone who has a great butt. Then I suggest bending over and picking up something and seeing if your boobs are contained. I realize some of you have great boobs but putting them out there in a situation that one false move and all modesty is lost is a hazard. I may be old school but your bathing suit should cover more than your underwear. Your bathing suit should be capable covering your private parts. They are called private for a reason. I am going to give you tips on finding cheap plus size bathing suits.

Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits

Get ready to swim with these cheap plus size bathing suits that flatters your figure.

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January 25, 2015

10 Ways to Whiten Teeth

ways to whiten teeth

10 ways to whiten teeth

ways to whiten teeth

Having white teeth is not just for aesthetic reasons anymore, it’s a necessity that could make or break your chance of landing a job or getting a contract. As they say “first impressions last” and your smile is the highlight of your image. Your sparkling smile is something that will make you look stand out, it’s an asset and your charm that will draw people to you. Having white teeth also speaks a lot about your personal hygiene which is important for jobs. I’m sure all of us to wants to have whiter choppers but we don’t want to spend excessive amount of money on treatments, that’s why I researched for 10 ways to whiten teeth. It may not show immediate results but over time if you consistently follow these simple tips and tricks then it will definitely give you a whiter teeth and prevent them from staining.

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January 15, 2015

Health Benefits of Guacamole

Health Benefits of Guacamole

This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Health Benefits of Guacamole

Do you love guacamole? I sure do and so does my family. One can’t just get enough of this flavorful Mexican avocado-based dip, guacamole is one of those comfort food that just makes everyone happy. A party isn’t complete without guacamole and tortillas it’s also great with tacos and burritos but the best part is it’s super easy to put together even if you can’t cook you can make it. A super easy guacamole recipe just needs salt, lemon or lime juice, onion, cilantro, tomatoes, chili and the secret is to use a good quality ripe avocado. But did you know that guacamoles are good for you? Yes you can actually enjoy eating guacamole and reap health benefits, below are some of the health beanefits of guacamole.

5 Health Benefits of Guacamole

1. Guacamole is high in fiber which reduces your risk of heart problems. 1 cup of guacamole has 15.4 grams of fiber in it. Fiber is good for your digestive system.

2. Guacamole is a good source of healthy dose of unsaturated fat. Some people don’t like to eat avocados because they’re afraid of its fat content. What you need to know is that unsaturated fat is the type of fat that is beneficial to your health. It lowers blood cholesterol and even can help with sleep since it stimulates serotonin production. Foods like eggs, seeds and milk also help you sleep for the same reasons.

3. Guacamole is high in vitamin C because of the avocado, tomato and lime juice. Vitamin C is important in making our immune system strong and it helps prevent and fight infections.

4. Avocado is high in Vitamin E. Each avocado contains about 4.16 milligrams of vitamin E. That’s 27 percent of your daily recommended intake. Vitamin E helps get rid of free radicals which are chemicals that increases the risk of developing heart disease or cancer.

5. Avocado is a good source of 18 essential amino acids. These are necessary for the body to form a complete protein.

So for your next potluck or Game Day make sure to bring out your best guacamole recipe, for sure everyone will enjoy it!

Do you know of other health benefits of guacamole? Share it with us below.

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March 17, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Ladybug Craft

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Ladybug Craft

My son enjoyed our first Felt Craft Projects and has been bugging me to do another one, but since I don’t have much time I decided to find an easier craft project to work on. Since I have some black and red craft felt I suggested we do ladybug craft and he immediately approved. This Ladybug Craft Mask project is super easy to make and looks really cute!

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask



Paper Plate

Red and Black Craft Felt

Glue Gun

Cutter Elastics for Ear Loops


Cut the paper plate in half with a v-shaped pattern (refer to the picture).  We’re going to use the one with inverted v shape. You should measure this according to the size of the kid’s face.  The inverted V sits on top of the kid’s nose.


Glue the red felt paper on your paper plate.

Then using the black felt paper, cut out small circles.  You should also cut out a half circle pattern.


On your paper plate, place the black half circle pattern in the middle lower section and glue it.

Then to follow the layout of the paper plate, cut the black felt paper so it follows the v pattern (refer to the picture above for the shape).

On the upper half of the paper plate, glue the small circles to make it look like the dots of ladybugs ladybug-5

Using the black felt paper, cut out two strips. You can glue it on a cardboard paper first before placing it on your mask to make sure it will hold its shape. This will serve as the antenna of the ladybug.


On top of the two strips, cut out and glue two huge circles on top. ladybug-7

Now it’s time to make holes for the eyes. I used a large bottle cap as my pattern, then using a cutter I traced around it. Make sure to measure the spacing so your kid will be able to comfortably see.


You can place this on a stick for a handheld mask or punch a small hole on two sides and attach an elastic thread for earloops.

That’s it a cute, fun and easy Ladybug Craft Mask!

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