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Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Christmas Decoration Ideas

The holidays are coming and one of my favorite parts is decorating. I am not sure why but those bows and balls, lights, and trees speaks to me. I think back to my younger self whose face was firmly pressed to the car window so I could look at the homes with their decor. It was the days before the technology overtook our curiosity. I would imagine who lived in those house as the car sped by. I would think they must be snuggled on the couch drinking hot chocolate.

Why would anyone spend so much time doing something that only lasts for a couple of weeks?

I then thought about it  and we make a cake for a birthday and devour it on that day. We lick our fingers after we dive into the frosting. We sing a song and blow out candles. It is a ritual.  It is something you do to provide joy not only to yourself but to those around you.

What if decorating your home wasn’t in the budget?

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Cheap Exercise Equipment

Cheap Exercise Equipment

crunch live fitness review

I think people automatically think about physical equipment when I make reference to Cheap Exercise Equipment however the thing I need most when exercising is someone to guide me. I need someone to push me. I usually go to the gym but when I travel or when the classes do not fit my schedule I found an alternative. I found online fitness classes. They are easy to organize, they fit my schedule, and they are varied for my ability and my likes.  They also help you to get real about your fitness goals and dispel  “The Lies people tell themselves”.

1) I am to weak, heavy, small, tall, short, young, old etc  to do that

2) I can’t afford the gym

3) People like me do not do that

4) I do not have time to get to the gym

5) I do not like people looking at me

6) I do not have gym clothes

7) I do not have any equipment

8) What do I do if I am in class and I do not like it

9) The gym near me doesn’t offer the class I want

10) The gym doesn’t have child care when I need it

Back to School Giving Back Packs Event

giving backpacks

Back to School Giving Back Packs Event

Aldi Gives back

It is that time of year again when the kids go back to school. There are children who will go back to school without the supplies they need. Thanks to Aldi and my site there will be less of those children without necessary supplies.  This is the run down of our Giving Backpack event.  We partnered with Aldi this year to help children. Aldi offers school supplies and they also offer healthy lunch and snack options which will help the students in life. If you want to see if school supplies are available in your area check out their Aldi special buys list.Continue reading

40 Years of Lessons

40 years of lessons
  40 years of lessons

  I thought it would be fun to capture my first forty years. I have accomplished a lot in forty years so I am not at all upset to be forty. I am living life as I had planned. I am grateful for each day in fact I am grateful for each moment because some do not have another day or moment. I learned how to walk, talk, jump, dance, teach, and cook. I learned how to be less selfish and to be a good friend. I learned how to work and go to school. I learned how to set a goal and accomplish it. I learned how to organize and execute plans. I learned how to create businesses and work with people who I wouldn’t associate with outside the workplace. I learned to listen more and talk less (while listening not in general). I learned how to not only be comfortable in my own skin but to love every inch, nicks, dimples, sags, and marks included.


I learned to go without sleep to make sure my children got theirs. I learn how to take care of children and a husband and be a friend to both. I learned to be a true partner and strong support system even when it wasn’t what I wanted. I learned to comfort, hold, and motivate even when my voice became quiet. I learned to look for peace over winning. I learned to smile and be positive even when things weren’t worth smiling over. I learned that positive thoughts produced positive outcomes. That personal timeouts should not only be put on the schedule daily but are needed when your mouth is moving faster than your brain. It is smarter to walk away then say something you will regret.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.16.29 AM

I learned that love has no limits and that sometimes people aren’t “lovable” but that is when you need to love them the most. I learned that being a wife is the hardest job you will ever have even when you married the perfect person. I learned that being an example is less fun then being part of the problem. I learned that holding hands and looking in someones eyes is harder then doing what you want. I learned that trust is earned and constantly kept. I know that a persons word is all they have so honesty is the best policy about everything except the number of shoes you own.

I do however admit to lying to my children to foster their imagination and because some days I really do like one more than the other. I love them all the same and it is startling how much you can love your kids. How your heart breaks when they cry except when it is in a self serving “on the floor rage” over something ridiculous. (This usually occurs in public with tons of strangers watching) I learned when this does happen let them know what behavior you expect and move away from them. They will follow you and flail in the aisles and you will continue to redirect and move on. I know that the process of this sucks but eventually they will stop, apologize, and go to time out because you will need them to be away from you so you can grab a glass of wine or in my case your phone so you can call a friend that understands what happened and will remind you that hers “do this too.”


    I understand how hard my parents worked and what they gave up and gave to help me be the person I am. I now know the struggle and joy that comes from unselfish love.  I adore my parents and I will admit to being a lot like them. I am also grateful for my sister  who is my best friend and I look forward to seeing her and her family all year long.


I have learned there isn’t perfection and that loving your imperfect self is the most important thing you can teach your children. I understand that the value you place on yourself is imperative to the rest of the machine running. I know that following your dreams even when they take you to Thailand is as important as saying to your children dare to dream and then accomplish that dream. I know that showing love and telling you love someone something you should do often.

  I know that choosing the right friends and letting go of the wrong ones is the best gift you can give yourself. I have hundreds of friends some I haven’t seen in years but they know I am a phone call or text away. I know one of the best decisions I ever made was to join a sorority because those ladies truly taught me about diversity, strength, sisterhood, and girl power. I can’t imagine my life without my Alpha XI Delta sisters. They are truly everything woman should be.

 Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.30.47 AM

   I know that education (Go Gators) is something that you should continue your whole life. You should continue to learn new things daily by asking questions of others and taking classes. I am not shy nor will I be when asking of others to learn more. You should not be afraid to question or tackle hard issues. I believe if you have time to complain you have to time to find a resolution.

 Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.30.28 AM

 I know a good book a great work out and a nice walk will make all the difference. I know that cupcakes, convertibles, cuddles, and children make me happy and cleaning doesn’t (Hey, I married a man that loves that Do not take yourself to seriously because life is about having fun!

I know that finding gifts in others and helping them realize them makes me happy. I know that giving over receiving brings me joy. I do love to dress people it is so much fun to have them see themselves as I see them. Special.  I know that being someones cheerleader, honest friend, trusted advisor, and the person you can call for help no matter what is just as important as needing that person (people) in your life. I believe that helping people realize their dreams should be part of your own reality. I believe my gift is to connect people and enable them to believe. Yes, I run, own, live the site the giver of good advice and I truly am the real advice gal. I am okay with that and I enjoy helping people. I have learned so much through your journeys that have enabled me in mine.

I believe one person can change the world. I believe we are all that one person.

Oh… and if someone gives you a crown wear it!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.16.48 AM  Amee, Mom, Babe, Wife, cook, baker, phototaker, mircacle maker, mover and shaker (80’s music or country)……….. giver of advice

How to Look Younger

how to look younger

How to Look Younger

how to look younger

I am entering my 40th year on Earth and I think I look pretty close to what I looked like 20 years ago. I was recently at a wedding and someone I hadn’t seen in 20 years told me I aged well. I am sure that is a compliment so it got me thinking. What have I done to “age well”. Then I thought about how to look younger and this is what I came up with.

detox water

1) Drink Water and we even have a water printable I love to make these detox water drinks this is my favorite the strawberry detox water

2) Wear sunscreen they even make one in chocolate. I know crazy right? They have chocolate sunscreen. I wear a 50 on my face everyday no matter what the weather is then I always buy foundations with sunscreen in them as well.

3) Wash your face and put on a like cln moisturizer

4) Find a foundation that matches your skin. There are several options available at the drug store and with a coupon they are under ten bucks. I know there are drug stores that allow you try the make up and if it doesn’t work take it back. I also have gone and bought a foundation in the department store just make sure before you buy it you go outside and see if it noticeable. You want something that doesn’t look like you are wearing anything. If it looks like make up you do not want that. You want one that looks like your skin only better.

5) Stand up tall. If you slouch or appear to look well beyond your years. I was told the other day that she knew I was coming because she noticed my walk. I walk with a purpose and I am not afraid to be noticed. Confidence and poise is a great way to look younger.

6) Wear the right bra. Yes, I am going there if your boobs are to the ground then you look older. I mean they make garments that place them back to when you were 20 use them.

beach body

7) Go to the gym or work out daily. It only takes 30 minutes and it will greatly improve how you feel and how you look. We have this great 30 day challenge that you can do at home give it a try. If you can’t leave your house you can still work out there are free videos online we have a whole list of free exercise videos here.

8) Make sure your teeth are white. I truly believe that yucky teeth make you look older we have a great post on how to whiten your teeth. I suggest you do this now!

9) Wear a great shade of lipstick that compliments your personality and your complexion. I am a red girl and let me tell you people always make comments about my lipstick.

10) Wear clothes that not only fit your shape but that are age appropriate. I have the body to wear the short shorts and the dress that show everything but they make you look cheap and frankly they make you look like you are trying to be 20.

11) Have confidence nothing says I look good then feeling good about yourself.  You can tell when someone believes in themselves and when someone doesn’t.

12) Find relationships that support you and make you feel good. There is nothing that ages you faster than being with someone who is a jerk. I am all about the adore me or be gone. You can read about how my husband does just that and we have been together for 18 years. These are the secrets to a happy marriage. I always say people treat you how you let them.

13) Relax and find something that you can do to take away your stress. I am a huge book nerd. I love to read so I make time for it everyday. Yes, I lock myself in the bathroom at 7:00 and take a bath with my book. The kids are under Daddy’s control. This is my list of must read books.

14) Form relationships or rekindle relationships with people who knew you back then. I love to revisit the past. I plan a girl’s trip once a year to remember what it was like back then and to catch up with my sisters for life. It is so important to not lose who you are. These are some of my girl’s vacation ideas.

15) Be proud of yourself count your accomplishments not your failures. We spend so much time being hard on ourselves and that ages us. You are doing a great job.

How to look younger is easily achieved by taking control and working on the things above. Looking young is also a state of mind!

How to Look Younger

December 31, 2014

My New Years Resolution is to Be Kind

new years resolution 2015

new years resolution 2015

I resolve to track my journey daily on my site I plan to make an effort to do one kind deed a day. I plan to do so not to change the world but to change how I see the world. I plan to take small steps toward the person I want to become. I do not plan to look back and I do not plan to judge the person I used to be.

The first thing I will do is be brave. I plan to remove everyone from my life who does not belong. I am going to “unfriend” all the people who do not add value to my life. The people who in the last year weren’t friends to begin with. I always think well it is best if I keep them as friends and maintain contact. Then I thought about and I thought in order to be kind to others and to really reach my resolution. I need to be kind to myself. I need to make a decision to take care of myself. I am the person in my home who takes care of everyone else. I am the teacher, bill payer, grocery shopper, cook, homework helpers, teacher, friends, foe, and most importantly I am the example. I am going to be the example by letting go of people who aren’t worthy of my time or my friendship.


Wow! That doesn’t sound very kind. Yet it is the kindest thing I can think to do. I believe that there are people who move in and out of our lives and they are there to teach us a lesson or maybe a few if we didn’t get the information the first time. The lesson I have learned is spending my time worrying about or checking in  with people who do not matter actually waste my time. This is time that could be better spent on people who deserve my time and my energy.

That is my resolution to be kind. I am taking control of my life and taking care of myself first.

We have a great free printable to work through your children’s resolutions.

 and of course here are some ideas to help you…

New years kids resolutions


New Years ideas for Kids


Oh and since a lot of you are working on the New you in terms of appearance here are some Low Cal New Years snacks


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