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How to Fix a Straw Hat

How to Fix a Straw Hat

Learn How to Fix a Straw Hat

How to Fix a Straw Hat

How do you fix a straw hat?

There are a couple of ways to save your straw hat. I know I really need this post because I frankly ruin my hats. I have kids and they always get crushed. That is why it is so great to know that you can reshape your straw hat.

How to reshape straw hats

The first thing you need to do is get gloves, a heat source that will produce steam. You can use a steamer, iron, or a tea pot. Then you will need towels and something heavy to hold down the hat.

reshape straw hat

Those straw hats can be fixed to its former glory. The way that I reshaped mine was to stuff it with a damp towel. Then I put on my gloves and steamed the hat once it was wet I stretched it and put cans on top of it until it dried.

reshaping straw hats

I have also used this method on how to fix a straw hat You start again with a damp towel and fill the portion of the hat where your head goes. Then you put a damp clothe under the brim of the hat. You then put a towel on top. You turn on the iron on medium heat.

straw hats reshaping straw hats drying

Then you will need to let the hat dry. Do not attempt to put it on until it is dry. You can also put weighted items on the top of the hat until dried. This is a great way rescue those straw hats.

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Is this the World’s Best Hair Dryer?

Is this the World’s Best Hair Dryer?

Ladies, I’m sure you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the best hair dryer. Our hair is our crowning glory, and it just gives us that extra confidence whenever our hair is thick, bouncy and shiny. If only we could have that salon blow dry daily then, it will be perfect hair day every day, but reality is we can’t, so we continue to search for the best hair tools, and one must have a professional blow-dryer.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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May 27, 2018

Summer Plus Size Fashion Tips

Summer Plus Size Fashion Tips

Summer is almost here and it’s time to update your wardrobe. I believe that no matter what size or shape you are there are a lot of summer trendy and fashionable items that you can wear, the key is to wear items that fits you and that you’re comfortable wearing. I have several full figured friends who tend to cover up during summer because they’re conscious, but I believe that this has to stop. If you’re a plus size gal you have to embrace your figure and love your shape and body so that you can be more free and adventurous in choosing your summer outfits. You need to own your shape and flaunt what you adore. These Summer Plus Size Fashion Tips will help you plan your perfect summer fashion.

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May 15, 2018

Bathing Suit Cover Ups Under $10

Bathing Suit Cover Ups Under $10

The warm weather is here, and I can’t wait to bask in the sun, enjoy the water and the sand. Now is the time to get ready for your summer vacation with fab summer wear that won’t hurt your budget. Cover up some skin while strolling along the beach or doing some fun pool activities with bathing suit cover ups that are stylish but cheap.

Relax and enjoy the beach or pool with these stylish bathing suit cover ups under $10.

Here’s my list of Bathing Suit Cover Ups Under $10

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April 24, 2018

What Do You Buy Someone with Cancer?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Wrapped in Love and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

The phone rang. I pushed end call. I didn’t have time to answer the phone. Don’t people know to text? The phone rang again. I looked at the name. I pushed voicemail. I went finished making dinner. The phone rang again the same caller. I answered. That call changed everything.

The voice on the other line was small. It was quiet it was using words but not in the right order. I looked back at the phone to see if the caller was the person I knew. The crazy, funny, hilarious, take on the world girl that I have known for a lifetime. It wasn’t, but on that day it wasn’t. It was a voice saying words I didn’t understand words I didn’t want to understand. Sentences that started with Cancer.

I have never been so scared in my life, but I had to be strong. I just listened. Then this voice took over my mouth and words like we got this. We can beat this. We will accomplish this together just like we have walked down ever path together we will rise above this one. There wasn’t anything that could stop us then or now.

That night I got off the phone, and I had two choices cry or plan for a revolution. I planned the best revolution ever. I was going to be the most supportive friend on Earth.

I know we all struggle with the question “What do you buy someone with cancer?” It isn’t a birthday or anniversary, and there may not be a card, but it is an important struggle that should be met with something important. I look for gifts that said, “I care, and I love you.” I realized several things about Cancer as my best friend has struggled to kick its butt that I will share with you. The hardest thing for her was how she felt. She still wanted to be everything to everyone, but she didn’t have the strength. When she looked in the mirror the person looking back wasn’t the person she used to be. That person didn’t look the same. She began to get depressed so finding a gift that made her feel good one that looked good became important to me.

I wanted her to see the beautiful woman I saw. I am sure you also want to get the best present, one that reminds your friend or relative that they are beautiful. The Wrapped in Love collection offers fashionable clothing and accessories for women with cancer or those convalescing, including wraps, head wraps, and other fashion accessories to provide warmth, comfort, beauty, style, and dignity.

I wanted her to have something to keep her warm. I considered the wrap created by Karen MacDonald to be like an external hug. I wanted her to have something beautiful to remind her that I may not be there with her all the time but I am thinking of her.

The best part is

Wrapped in Love has great gifts for cancer patients going through chemo. Their front zip cover-ups are easy to put on and chemo port accessible to wear during chemotherapy, or pretty enough to wear out and about. This was a struggle for my friend, and she didn’t want anyone to know she had cancer so having clothing that was functional, soft, and pretty made her feel instantly better. Each item incorporates a flower in tribute to Karen’s mother who loved gardening.

We love to share some thoughtful gifts for someone with cancer, so I prepared a gift basket and a Wrapped in Love cover-up. My daughter was so excited to deliver our sweet surprise to our neighbor, and she loved it!

If you are looking for
Cancer gifts
Breast cancer gifts
Chemotherapy gifts
Chemo gifts
Chemotherapy clothing
Chemotherapy headwear
Chemotherapy headwraps

Look no further be the friend that bought the perfect gift! Visit

April 2, 2018

Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits

Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits

I firmly believe every woman is beautiful. In fact I launched a You are beautiful campaign a few years ago. You can see all the lovely ladies that joined me.

   You are Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign 

I am really not sure why with all the swim suit options people chose to wear suits that do nothing for their bodies. It is difficult to find a suit that fits. I suggest buying separates. I also suggest being honest with yourself. If you are trying on string bikinis and you need a search and rescue mission to find the string it isn’t the suit for you. I also suggest bending over and looking at your butt. You should only see about 1/4 of your butt unless you are someone who has a great butt. Then I suggest bending over and picking up something and seeing if your boobs are contained. I realize some of you have great boobs but putting them out there in a situation that one false move and all modesty is lost is a hazard. I may be old school but your bathing suit should cover more than your underwear. Your bathing suit should be capable covering your private parts. They are called private for a reason. I am going to give you tips on finding cheap plus size bathing suits.

Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits

Get ready to swim with these cheap plus size bathing suits that flatters your figure.

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