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Real Advice Gal Tip: Take a chance you may even like it. These are the best tips for cheap home interior decoration using wallpaper for anyone who wants a change. How to Decorate with Wallpaper was the question I was going to answer because it was a change that was easy to do and one I could afford to make.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in my family room staring into space. This happens often when the kids aren’t home and I am just so deflated. It is normally a happy moment where I sip on my tea and reflect but today it wasn’t. I had this incredible feeling of dread wash over me like using a wet towel after a hot shower.

I usually take these precious and fleeting moments in my chair to be thankful. Today, I couldn’t get past what I saw.

I looked around I saw piles of stuff from one end of the room to the other. It was closing on me. I saw pictures in frames covered in layers of dust. I saw pictures of my babies as babies. I saw counters filled with clutter. I saw a place that gave me anxiety.

I started writing a list because I take comfort in being type A and trying to find a strategy.

The list became so long of things that I wanted to change that I became overwhelmed and I began to sink into myself. I felt like the tide as the sea sucks it back up and then quickly spits it out before it can rest. I wasn’t sure why but I was determined to do something because clearly doing nothing didn’t work.

1) Take everything out of the room
2) Dust picture frames at this point it may be easier to peel off the dust
3) Change out pictures considering some are 14 years old
4) Throw things away
5) Think about the space and how I use it
6) Think about what I want to feel when I look at the space
7) Start small
8) Figure out a purpose
9) Determine a budget
10) Think about what makes me happy

The list wasn’t in the right order but it was a start. It was where I was going to begin. You see our spaces matter. Where and how we live matters. It has always said to me that I matter.

I decided a blank canvas was the start I needed. I gathered all the laundry baskets. I may have just dumped the dirty laundry into the laundry room and slammed the door close. I mean who has time for laundry I had a kitchen to redecorate.

I have already come to terms with you can’t be everything to everyone and you can’t do everything perfectly. So, for now, let’s pretend I am the queen of laundry and it is all getting done in there while I work on cheap home interior decoration using wallpaper.

I realized the 3 Ways to Make a house a home when you are short on funds are:
1) Clean up the clutter
2) Make Better Use of the Space you have
3) Make one bold change

Once I removed everything I realized I had a lot of junk. Junk can be defined as stuff that isn’t necessary and doesn’t have a function. If you need help with this my favorite book is The life-changing magic of tidying up. I loved the book. I just hadn’t applied it to my kitchen but I realized I felt helpless because my kitchen overwhelmed me.

I realized we really have a small kitchen and in order to, make the best use of the space. I need to use the wall more and the counterless. I just wasn’t excited to cook in there it became a game of move this here so I can use the oven and then move it there so I can use the counter eventually to make dinner I was moving things to the dining room until I set the table. Absurd.

Since I cleaned up the clutter or rather threw it in baskets one for donation, one for the trash, one for maybe, and one for needed items.

I figured out how to make better use of the space I have.

I bought these things to reduce my clutter. I had one of those utensil holders that spins and takes up a lot of space. Instead, I bought:

Knife Rack

Utensil Rack

Because my utensils were nasty I bought new ones. I had clearly amassed every homeless utensil know to man in my spinner and there were only three that had all the parts and weren’t injured in the dishwasher. (Signs that you allow your kids to do chores.)

stainless steel Utensil

I had a lot of the other items but if you want the delux stainless set I would get this one.

I had one more thing I need to remove and that was my papertowel holder. I had it on the counter but I found a way to hang it under my cabinet. This is the hanging paper towel rack I bought.

It may not seem like a lot but once I didn’t have a big spinning mass amount of utensils and paper towels on the counter I had a workspace to actually cook.

I also made the decision to take off the Blendtec and up it in a cabinet. We use it on the weekends so it didn’t need to be out daily.

The last piece was the piece of my three tips was the best. I was going to do something bold. I wanted to make a statement. I know the best way to do that is a print. I didn’t want to be stuck with the print for life and I love easy decor ideas for busy people and this is one.

I fell in love with Nu Wallpaper because it is peel and stick! Yeah! It doesn’t get easier than that. You can get so many designs I picked this one.


You can buy the wallpaper  _>>>

You will need to measure to determine how many rolls. I bought two and it worked out perfectly. I also used this and it was fantastic a window Squeegee. Yes, you can use it to clean all your glass afterward. That is why we have it to do our showers but it worked perfectly.

You will need to dust off your walls before application. Do not wet the walls you do not want to have to wait for them to dry.
This project will take a couple of hours depending on the size of your space and the pattern you select. If you pick a pattern that isn’t so intricate It will take less time.

decorating with wallpaper ideas

You can see more cheap home interior decoration using wallpaper in my easy house decorations on a budget. I used these to take my family room from drab to holiday with gold wallpaper dots. See how did my easy house decorations on a budget.


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This is how to Decorate with Wallpaper.



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