The Story of How There wasn’t Just One Pair of Boots

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Payless for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

   Every person needs boots. They are the perfect accessory for everything from jeans, skinny pants, skirts, and even dresses. The looks these days allow you to wear every type of boot with a dress. I am a little fancier so I choose to wear the fashion forward bootie from Payless. You can see how I styled my affordable and on trend Payless shoes. When I know I am going to be running around a lot I like to wear a flat boot.

   This is the problem. I went to Payless. I was on the lookout for a black over the knee boot which I found for a HUGE discount. I got the designer Christian Siriano Pronto Stretch Black Boot

   You would think that is where the story ends. You know a lady walks into Payless and sees the boot she is looking for, then she tries them on and they fit. She buys them. Well, that is what almost happened until this lady on her way out of the store saw a pair of snow boots that were also on sale.

   The snow boots she had were thrown away last year after she wore them until the soles came off. She was sitting trying on the snow boots when her eyes met the rain boats. They were so cute. What would it hurt to try those on? Wow! They fit. They also landed on top of the snow boots’ box. Then out of the corner of her eye what did she spy? It was a tan pair of boots with quilting on the side. Wouldn’t they be divine for those jeans and sweater she had the perfect outfit in mind. I would say that was all but in her Payless haul there were gifts to be had. The gifts were a pair of black boots and one in brown so that her friends could look fashionable while strolling around town.  I figured why should I be the only one to have such fun. I know how fashionable and affordable Payless can be and how happy new shoes makes me.

   I needed friends to share my boot bliss with me. This princess luckily had her prince with her, and he dutifully carried out my new boots he even agreed to pay for a few! What is better than new boots? Well, getting and giving them as gifts of course! I sure can’t wait for my friends to open their gifts since they always compliment me on my style and the best part is their prices weren’t vile!

Dexflex Comfort Women’s Tysen Quilted Boot 

Rugged Outback Women’s Surge Faux Fur Boot

Lower East Side Women’s Blizzard Commuter Boot

Lower East Side Women’s Reed Commuter Boot

  Lucky for me Payless has a variety of styles, color options, and heel heights. The other thing that Payless does well is they have a variety of widths. It is truly hard to find a boot if you have larger calfs. Payless has thought about this issue and addressed it. They offer a how to measure guide, so you know what look to select in the store or online. You can ask the staff at Payless to help you find the right boot for you. They are well trained and helpful. I asked them tons of questions because I knew I wanted an over the knee boot. I just wasn’t sure what kind. They showed me all the styles in a variety of sizes because if they didn’t have it in stock then they offered to order them online since they have free shipping if you spent $25.

I  suggest combing the Payless website or dropping into their store because I am amazed by what they have to offer. Payless does not only offer a vast selection of basic footwear, but the store is an all-inclusive destination for on-trend, special occasion, and stylish everyday footwear. I have been sharing my finds with my friends, and they also were pleasantly surprised to fill their shoe needs at such reasonable prices.

I also recommend that you check out Payless on Pinterest to see all their awesome on-trend shoes and style inspirations.

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