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Recipes for Snacks for Kids: Apple Marshmallows Smile


  • red apple sliced
  • marshmallows
  • peanut butter


  • On one side of the sliced apple put enough peanut butter to hold the "teethe" marshmallows in place.
  • Make sure you put the red sliced side on the side of the teethe so that the red appears to be the "lips".
  • *Round apples make the best smiles. Apples that are smaller at the base (like the one pictured) make 'acceptable' unique smiles!


  • For a funny smile you could add a "cavity" by putting a bit of caramel or chocolate syrup on one marshmallow.
  • Add a chocolate chip or raisin for a "rotten tooth". This would allow for a great conversation starter of what is healthy in this snack, what is not so great and why.
  • Use whatever butter you need and or prefer: for nut allergies you may be able to use almond (which is actually considered a fruit see) butter or sun (sunflower seed) butter. Natural, homemade, almond, and cashew butters could all be used.