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Princess Cupcakes

Princess Cupcakes


  • A ready made cupcake you can buy or bake your own
  • Funfetti frosting you can choose whatever color you like
  • Milano cookie
  • Pretzel stick
  • chocolate bar
  • small marshamallows
  • miniature round chocolate you can use Reese's peanut butter cup miniatures
  • mini whoopie pies


  • Princess Cupcakes
  • Place the Milano cookie slanting on one side of the cupcake
    Princess Cupcakes
  • Place the pretzel at the back of the cookie, to make it look like the heel of the shoe
    Princess Cupcakes
  • Use the small marshmallow to hold the pretzel in place
    Princess Cupcakes
  • Cover the marshamallow with frosting and place the round miniature chocolate at the bottom of the pretzel. Decorate it with whoopie pie or use chocolate bar and frostings.
    Princess Cupcakes
  • The best part of this is you can use different ingredients, so be creative to make your princess cupcakes look awesome.