100 things you can do to help others for FREE

Things you can do to help others

Have you read my $100 Story? That is what started the movement at Real Advice Gal and this year I am on a mission to help others. I am going to do what it takes to build the biggest army of helpful people there is. I I believe nothing feels as good as doing for someone else. I hope you not only follow my journey but become a leader in my plight!

This list is thanks to my readers. Please leave comments below so we can add to our list. These are not only to help others but great ways to make you happy as well.

100 things you can do to help others for FREE

100 Things you can do to help others for FREE


  1. Use your website to create a mission that everyone can participate in. It only takes one person to create change. Amee (Madame Deals)
  2. Go to an elderly person house and do yard work for them.Angie Horton Goens
  3. Go to a nursing home or hospital and visit with them Angie Horton Goens
  4. Clean a friends house or do their laundry if they are unable to or cook them a meal. Sometimes just inviting them to dinner can lift their spirits! Help them by running an errand if you are already out n about in town…..Mow their yard if their mower is broke…so many things to list! April L Ross-Nottingham
  5. Compliment a total stranger in a grocery store 🙂 Jzzyj Gina
  6. Give extra coupons away, donate items no longer needed or used to someone who can use them. Anna Brady
  7. Donate outgrown clothes to families that need them. Sally Thompson
  8. Say THANK YOU to your spouse let them know you still appreciate them and not for granted ? Jzzyj Gina
  9. Coupon for hygiene items, and then take the items to a homeless shelter or a shelter for battered and abused woman and children. Patty Brunty Mays
  10. Collect samples and freebies and take them to women’s shelters or animal shelters. Every little bit helps Margaret Maggie Porter
  11. Organize a rummage sale for a cause/charityMichelle Wojtasiak Coughlin
  12. Smile at everyone you see, you never know a friendly smile could brighten anyone’s day up!Kathleen Kellams
  13. Next time when your in line (Listen to the person’s total in front of you) if you can afford it, HURRY and hand the cashier YOUR money/credit card and say I got it. INSIST on it ? Tell them you owe me nothing. Jzzyj Gina
  14. Make dinner for a friend that is in need. Not only does it help them but it brightens their spirits to eat dinner with you. Also if you do not use a coupon in your Sunday paper try to think of someone that may need it. It always helps to save a buck. Julia Drama-Queen Fish
  15. Cut your neighbors yard for them 🙂 Jzzyj Gina
  16. Smile!!! Sometimes someone is having a bad day and a smile is all that it takes to brighten them up!!! Jo Ann Hayes Hart
  17. Wash a neighbors car! Jzzyj Gina
  18. Make a homeless person a meal, they’ll appreciate it! Marti Renfroe
  19. Start a coupon swap at your office, where people can drop in and take out as needed. Kristen Whitfield Killinger
  20. If your lazy, have the WHOLE house cleaned by the time your parents/spouse/roommate gets home that evening 🙂 SERIOUSLY LOL!! Jzzyj Gina
  21. Volunteer at a school (help in the office, read with a student, cut out things for the teacher, etc.) Rhonda Tester Guinn
  22. Run errands for seniors or neighbors. Rebecca Solis-Autry
  23. Pay for someone’s groceries or a portion of the grocery line. Rebecca Solis-Autry
  24. Collect shopping carts when done shopping,Jackie Clark
  25. List of 100 things we can do for FREE… smile. Jackie Clark
  26. Create your own coupon and hand them out to family and friends, such as : free babysitting services for a Saturday nite out, help out with your spring cleaning, shovel your driveway, you get the idea, this could go on and on. John Ryan
  27. Listen !!! Betty Shaffer
  28. If you are at a grocery store and you are heading inside..why not take someone’s cart inside? There are always people finished with their shopping carts and searching for a place to put it! I know that this would help me. Little Sprinkles Of Fun
  29. Use your couponing to help a food closet at one of the local churches. They make sure that the food goes to families in need. Buy clothes and given them to a family in need or to one of the local churches that help cloth those in need. Anna Wactor
  30. Write letters or make cards to send to military members serving our country. Then send them to Keystone Soldiers for distribution. You could also shovel snow or cut grass or do minor repairs for a veteran or military family with someone serving overseas. Kyle Lord
  31. Visit someone in the nursing home that has no family or friends, recently at work we discovered 23 people in one that had NO ONE, we bought them Christmas presents on what they had on their list. Just about all of them had simple items like wanted a button up sweater, new pants, new shirt. I have also taken shoe boxes and decorated them and filled them with items like lotions etc and delivered them to each person in the nursing home. Connie Reeves Boswell
  32. Get freebies and donate them to others. Ellen Meachum
  33. If you know how to crochet do some lap blankets for the people in a nursing home, I don’t know how but people that worked for me did and we had yarn donated and we took them to them. Connie Reeves Boswell
  34. Just go visit someone in the nursing home that has No one, the company and caring means a lot to them. Connie Reeves Boswell
  35. Take the coupons you are not going to use and give them to the girls at Walmart, etc, they don’t make a lot and are really appreciative. Connie Reeves Boswell
  36. Volunteer to cook a dinner for families that are staying in your local Ronald McDonald House Charities. Chrissy Stanek
  37. When grocery shopping always pick up a few things for your elderly neighbors….of course at no charge….I do this all the time for my mom and her neighbors and they really appreciate it….a little kindness goes a long way :)Carla Jackson
  38. www.RingBells.org >>> my kids and I ring bells for The Salvation Army USA every year. We hand out Hershey Kisses, mini candy canes, and sing carols. Chrissy Stanek
  39. Volunteer for a local Habitat for Humanity http://?www.volunteermatch.org/ or http://www.serve.gov/Volunteer for your local food pantry, or throw a food drive fundraiser – http://feedingamerica.org/?get-involved/volunteer.aspx Chrissy Stanek
  40. Next time it snows, shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk Deborah Rosen
  41. Contact your local health & human services office and ask to speak with a volunteer coordinator. Chrissy Stanek
  42. Contact your local school and volunteer to tutor or read to children.a child. Chrissy Stanek
  43. Take your neighbors trash to the street on trash day! Shirley Emert Carr
  44. Want to help animals? Find a local shelter where you can volunteer – http://www.petfinder.com/?shelters.html Chrissy Stanek
  45. Walk someone pet that is disabled or elderly.. 🙂 Jessica Hall Sizemore
  46. Log on to your local Craigslist –> Craigslist.org > Communities > Volunteers Chrissy Stanek
  47. Take toys and movies to the children’s ward at your local hospital(s). Krystal Kelly Greer
  48. Rake leaves in the fall. . . . shovel snow in the winter . . . plant their flowers in the Spring . . . water their plants, weed their garden in the summer. Kathie S
  49. Color holiday decorations or make craft decorations for residents in a local nursing home, and come deliver them yourself. Bring a few books to read to the residents, they’ll never turn down company! Find simple print-outs at sites like – http://familyfun.go.com/?printables/?holiday-printables Chrissy Stanek
  50. Carry groceries to the car of someone who has difficulty walking. If you know the person, offer to go to the person’s home and carry the groceries inside. Lisa Curtis

Aren’t these great ways to serve others. Share caring with some kindness. Check out the next 50 items you can do to help others for FREE.

  1. Knock on their door and just ask them if there is something you can do for them today. Tell them that you are trying to rack up your ‘community service’ hours (so they don’t feel embarrassed that you asked). There is always something needing to be done in any home – dusting the cobwebs in the corner, cleaning out the gutters, mowing the grass, etc.. Kathie S
  2. Organize a week’s worth of meals for those with newborn babies or a sick child. Krystal Kelly Greer
  3. Have expired coupons (you KNOW you do!) Have coupons you won’t use? (you KNOW you do) Why not send them overseas for our troops to use (they can many times use expired coupons, too!) – madamedeals.com/reminder-expired-coupons-for-troops/ Chrissy Stanek
  4. Quick Bake cookies and take them to the local fire station or police station or teacher’s lounge at a local school simply to say “THANKS!” Beth Nason
  5. Donate clothes that no longer fit or that you no longer wear.
  6. Give out compliments that you mean and simply be polite.
  7. Recycle. Randi Wall
  8. Make your own cards for the troops and/or child cancer patients (get the kids in on this one). Randi Wall
  9. Donate books that you no longer read. Randi Wall
  10. Just be kind. Randi Wall
  11. When you have a lot of leftovers and you don’t think you’ll end up eating them all (think: a big batch of soup in the crockpot, etc), take a throw away container (old margarine container or the plastic tubs lunch meat comes in) and fill it up. While you’re out and about, offer it to someone who is homeless/needs a meal (In our city, panhandling is allowed as long as you don’t approach people. You can stand at the intersection with a sign and my husband has handed out many meals on his way to work) Loni Gofran
  12. If you have a neighbor who is elderly, disabled, or ill, offer to take that person’s trash can to the curb on collection days. After the trash is picked up, take the can back to its regular spot.Lisa Curtis
  13. If you know someone who shops at a military commissary* they accept expired coupons up to 6 months. So send your expired coupons to someone in the military who uses coupons. Stephanie Jordan
  14. Babysit, dogsit, housesit, take in someone’s mail, offer to clean their house, offer to shovel snow/rake/mow, sit and listen, write an encouraging note, sing to them, read to them, PRAY for them. Kris Lyon Foushee
  15. Shovel your entire block’s sidewalks before they get up in the morning. Chrissy Stanek
  16. Volunteer at your local elementary school. They can always use the help. And you get the added benefit of all the smiles from the students, and sometimes even hugs!Terry Bell
  17. Visit a local women’s shelter and spend an hour reading to the kids. Emay Jai
  18. Something free of charge – if you are out and about then hold the door for someone else. Have the person behind you go first. If you have extra coupons you aren’t going to use hand them to someone who may use them. (Looking at a particular product. While you are holding the coupon in your hand.) If you are at a fast food restaurant and you have a coupon for a free Chick-fil-a sandwich hand it to them if you don’t intend on using it. Smile – Last time I checked that was free. If you see someone has dropped their keys pick them up for them. They may have a disability and can’t bend. You would be a blessing by paying it forward with Random Acts of Kindness. 🙂 Tanesha Edwards
  19. When you see a mom in public who is struggling with a child’s behavior, take a moment to say something kind to her.  Trisha Wieber
  20. Also, if you see a parent(s) with multiple children in tow, please don’t make comments like “Are they all yours? Wow. I can’t even keep up with my one child/two children.” Instead, share something positive about the family like, “You have a beautiful family. It’s nice to see families shopping together.” Trisha Wieber
  21. Offer babysitting for them or free housecleaning for 2 – 3 hours Debbie Saville
  22. Offer to make a meal for someone who is feeling under the weather. Rhonda Greig
  23. Send a note to someone you know who is having a difficult time…or an elderly person in your neighborhood who has no one…let them know someone is thinking of them. Diane Murray
  24. If you get the newspaper delivered to you, and you can read it in the morning, pass it on to another neighbor or elderly person who may enjoy it after you. Diane Murray
  25. Drop your old magazines off at a senior center or retirement home, hospice or other places that may enjoy them.Diane Murray
  26. http://feedingamerica.org/ it’s not free though donating only $0.12 is what it cost for 1 meal. Sherri Covington
  27. You can give your never used luggage to foster kids. They often have to move their things in garbage bags. Contact family services in your county and city to donate. Foogan
  28. Teach someone a skill you are good at. Amee Madame Deals
  29. We never go a day in our home without helping another person and it’s the little things that count. A smile to acknowledge they exist, a hello how are you, helping somebody who is trying to reach something high on a shelf in the grocery store, helping someone to the car with their grocery cart, helping a neighbor unload their car, taking your leftovers to a homeless person, making a card to send to the local hospital/nursing home for somebody who has no family,cleaning an elderly or handicapped persons home who would otherwise have to struggle to do it themselves or pay out of pocket, fix a meal for neighbors ( usually just a casserole in one of those foil pans with a lid so they can warm in it and then they won’t have to wash the dish either. Mary Miller-Quartemont
  30. Donate old coats and blankets to shelters. Lisa Champion Greene
  31. Pick a day with a neighbor and take turns each week driving to the grocery store. Gas prices keep rising!! Sandra Smith
  32. At an evening function, scrape the windows on the cars next to you. keep the coffee pot full on Mondays. Jennifer Markestad
  33. Smile at a stranger. You never know, it may be the highlight of their day 🙂 Janice Gardner Magruder
  34. Offer to watch the little ones while they do errands, grocery shop, dr. appt, hair appt, etc Sandra Smith
  35. Quick pay for someone’s meal at the drive-thru or restaurant anonymously. Beth Nason
  36. Offer to mow the lawn or bring in firewood for an older person who can’t get around very well. Offer to grocery shop for a new Mom, a sick friend or an elderly person.Diane Murray
  37. Write a nice note. People love that! Clean their house! I would LOVE it if someone did that for me!  Zené Snider
  38. My husband uncle lives downstairs from us. He has diabetes and no legs. When I cook I always make extra for him…. Makes me feel good to help him.. Jessica Hall Sizemore
  39. If ur going somewhere,,,grocery store, Walmart , pharmacy etc offer neighbors if they need something to pick up… checking in with each other saves gas time an energy,, cost u know more an saves others! Dana Wood
  40. Offer a ride to someone who doesn’t have a car. Amee Madame Deals
  41. collect stuffed animals from friends and family and give them to kids that are sick and have cancer. Holly Cheatham Saunders
  42. I use my free products coupons I win from blogs like cereal, and hand them out or take them to the food bank. Tamara Bennington
  43. Donating all the travel size things we get to the homeless shelters.Cassandra Boyd Willis
  44. I work for a local community action agency and I distribute them to those who need them. samples that is. Denise Woods
  45. Start a diaper/clothing drive for your community. What we did and still do is ask anyone and everyone to bring in any unused portion(s) of their diapers/clothing that their child has outgrown and exchange for ones we may have. It starts out small but will grow in time and involve your local community news station and area churches to get the word out. Its a great FREE way to help out anyone and everyone who is in need regardless of income. God Bless “George Fields
  46. If you see a problem be part of the solution.Think of something to help Amee Madame Deals
  47. If you notice a mom is trying to get something done in a store offer to help with the kids for a minute so she doesn’t lose her mind.
  48. Teach your children the importance of giving back and doing for others.
  49. Share this list and encourage others to do more. They will thank you later.
  50. Make homemade gifts and give them out just because.

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