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Mighty Lil’ Lentils Superfood Snacks that’s Good for You

Did you know that lentils are superfood? Yes, they are. These seeds are packed with nutrients and are rich in protein and fiber. These simple seeds are not as famous as other superfoods, but they should be in everyone's healthy diet. There's even a study that said that a diet rich in lentils can reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Now it's easie [...]

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Tropical Smoothie Recipe

Tropical Smoothie Recipe One of the most important rule of eating healthy is to make sure you get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. And one of the easiest way to do it is through smoothies. This Tropical Smoothie Recipe is so delicious, refreshing and so healthy. This is a great drink for kids (and adults) who are not fond of eating fruits and veggies. It's so [...]

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Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade Recipe Summer is almost here, I can feel it! While watching the news this morning my lovely weather man (who happens to be adorable) promised us warm sunny days for next week with high's in the 80s! I for one, am very excited about this change in temperature and it got me thinking of sipping a cold drink on my back porch this weekend. [...]

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Easy Recipe for Ugly Dip

This recipe for ugly dip is sometimes called Tennessee Ugly Dip, or shoe-peg corn dip, or even black bean corn dip. At our house we just call it ugly! Don't worry, looks can definitely be deceiving as this is one of the most delicious dips you will ever make. Easy Recipe for Ugly Dip [...]

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