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Hi, I’m Amee. I am known as Babe to my husband of 20 years, mom to our three children, teacher mom to my students, Merk to friends who knew me before I was a mom, wife, and business owner. You know “back in the day.” I am known for being extremely honest, and my site Real Advice Gal is built on trust.

I want every person I meet to become the best version of themselves. I want you to find a life coach, a cheerleader, and the friend that tells you like it is on my site. We all need that one person who believes in us when we can’t find the right words or the right path to muddle through to achieve. It is my goal to live my best life now and to achieve our dreams in the present and the future.

I have worked hard over the last ten years to build a space on the internet that takes the best resources out there and puts them in a single place.

I am a lot like you. I have dreams, aspirations, an addiction to shiny things and red lipstick. I am a wife, mom, teacher, and giver of good advice. I am truth teller even when it is hard. I am someone who cries during movies, has an addiction to cupcakes, tries to find and go to the gym and gives her kids screen time when she can’t take the noise.


Like you, I struggle with the balance of being a good wife, mom, business owner, and friend to myself. I struggle with being a good steward of our money or buying those shoes.

I like to look for a deal, but I do save for that one item that I must have, and I have a solid plan for our future.

The goals we have as a family are simple we want to be debt free and have enough in the bank to retire in the next five years. When I say, retire my vision may be different than yours. I plan to continue to work on my website  part-time and teach full-time because it is my passion. The other half of my whole plans to quit his job and pursue something he enjoys. He wants to wake up each morning and do what he loves without regards to the numbers on his paycheck.

mat and I

I look forward to sharing how we paid off all our children’s college funds, paid off our cars, and paid off our house. How we pay ourselves first and make the best life, we can on a limited budget.

I will help you make your dreams a reality.

I would also like to introduce my team behind the Real Advice Gal site and our sister sites. Yes, I have a couple of sites.  Why have a team you ask? I am someone who believes that you learn best from others. I also understand that I am not the best at everything. I do not know everything. That I am better if I surround myself with people that I can also learn from. I have some exceptionally talented and bright women on my team. They are also like you, in fact; we are all the same. We are all looking for the best balance in our life. We are all searching for the path that leads us to

They are also like you, in fact; we are all the same. We are all looking for the best balance in our life. We are all searching for the path that leads us to the most happiness. We understand our responsibilities, but we also want to accomplish our dreams.

I would love to have you follow our journey with our weekly newsletter it is free. We would appreciate your support.

Here are some resources to help you do more with less

saving tips

How to make money blogging
How to swap to save
How to live on 30,000 or less

Join our community for Real Advice on how to plan to plan for your future while enjoying and thriving in your present.
Life will happen, and there will be a roadblock that is in our way, but we will climb over them, go under them, and break them into tiny bite size pieces until they are gone! We will achieve together!

Oh, and did I mention exclusive access to FREE PRINTABLES that you don’t want miss!

Free printable savings planner

Mary: I work as a real estate paralegal at a family-friendly law firm.  Raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC, I graduated from UVA, and met my husband, Mike, in our hometown of Alexandria, VA.  Twelve years ago, we took a leap of faith and moved our family out of the rat race to a small, rural community near Charlottesville, VA. Mike is my “OOH RAH man” and career real estate broker who has now moved on to his “second” career as an over-the-road trucker. We have three children, Bubba, age 27 (who married the girl of his dreams), Sissy, age 22 and mother to our first granddaughter, Baby Bea, and Missy, age 14 (now an “only” child). I love a bargain and have gained a reputation over the years for being quite the “coupon queen.”

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– Netski is site manager.

Crystal: – I am a wife of 8 years to a wonderful husband and father. We have two kids, a fiery redhead daughter who is 3 and our red-headed, blue-eyed baby boy who turns 2 in February. As you can see, life doesn’t stand still here. I’m a stay at home mom who loves to spend time with my kids teaching them to love God and Love, people. Before I became a mom, I use to be a project manager, sold jewelry, nanny and cleaned homes on the side (that part I still do!) I love to coupon and find the best deals I can to help us save money!

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Angie: – I am a stay at home mom and happily married with three awesome children. I grew up in Orlando, but went to school in New York City and lived in Los Angeles before moving home to raise a family. I have worked in the film industry since the early nineties, and for over a decade with the Florida Film Festival. I also spent many years working in marketing with Glaceau and Honest Tea. I am an extremely practical person who believes in living a simple and honest life. I thrive on finding solutions and love to be a good friend. I aim to find humor in reality and Disney magic in the everyday. I enjoy writing and love communicating and building community through words.

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