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Happy Hoppy Easter

Easter is a fun time for us to unleash our imagination and do creative stuff for recipes, crafts and of course decors. We worked hard to share with all of you our ideas for making Easter extra special for you and your family especially the kids, these are perfect for Easter parties or to just add a holiday cheer to your home on this special day. I know most of us are in a budget, so we also included budget friendly suggestions like $5 centerpiece and more.

Easter Centerpiece

Add a festive mood by adding Easter centerpiece. We have really cool Easter centerpiece using peeps and most are under $5.

Easter Decoration

Decorate your home with our fun Easter decoration ideas. These are easy and you don’t need to spend much.

Easter Crafts

Easter gifts are not only candies or chocolates. There are easy and fun crafts that you can do to surprise your family especially your little ones.


Easter Recipes

Have you seen colorful Easter deviled eggs? Or a cake inside an egg? Hurry and surprise your family and friends with a different Easter recipe that looks awesome and taste yummy.


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