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Sponsor’s Testimonials


As a blog partner for brand campaigns, BlogFrog has been consistently wowed by the quality of content and the quantity of engagement Amee, from Madame Deals, is able to produce. She is consistently one of the highest producers of engagement in our brand campaigns. In fact in some cases, she has even produced a higher volume of comments than all other campaign bloggers combined. We look forward to sharing continued success with Madame Deals!

– Jodi Dey from Blog Frog

“Our recent experience working with Madame Deals on The Mission Angel was such a pleasure! Amee made sure that our experience was A+ through her hard word and attention to detail.  While we received national exposure, we were able to keep the Plum District experience personal and touch the lives of two new friends.  This is an experience that we will definitely participate in again!”

Kelly Wann | Community Relations Consultant, Plum District Indianapolis

I have been working with Madame Deals for a long time, her professionalism and excellence on the advertising field are out of the ordinary, almost half of the participants on our giveaways are brought by Madame Deals and her advertising. I will continue to promote my site and promotions with her and I also fully recommend her.

David Fleegal
Marketing Representative

Blogs  have been our most effective marketing strategy.  But within that channel, one blog stands out as being above the rest.  We’ve worked with over 100 blogs, but Madame Deals has, by far, been the most effective.  Amee’s innovative and creative strategies, her engaged and willing audience, and above all, her willingness to help people make her without peer in this space.  I look forward to working with Amee on all of our upcoming campaigns

Robert Honer
Founder of

Madame Deals has worked with us for years on a variety of promotions, and I can always count on them to supply quality coverage in a timely fashion! It’s always a pleasure working together.

Paul Graham
Senior Account Executive from American Pop

We applaud Madam Deals for their super generous Mission Giveaway! We were thrilled to be part of such and awesome experience and have met so many wonderful friends along the way! Thank you SO much Madame Deals for your wonderful exposure! is a fan for life!

Mimi of pinkEpromise