10 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Get ready for a fun-filled Thanksgiving with our collection of 10 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids, a fantastic way to keep the little ones entertained and add a dash of creativity to your holiday celebrations.

10 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Ah November is here, can you believe it!? Is it just me or has this year just flown by! The day after Halloween I saw 6 Christmas commercials! I know everyone gets excited about Christmas but don’t forget about Thanksgiving! I know it doesn’t have the presents, but it does have great food, family, and a reason to be thankful! Let’s celebrate this special holidays with 10 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids that you can do as a family and enjoy. Let’s check them out! 

Here are 10 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids:

1.Thankful Tree– How fun would it be to make a tree n your home that the whole family could make together and say what they are thankful for? It would also make an awesome decoration for your extended family to view during Thanksgiving Dinner!

thanksgiving craft 1

2. Cute Edible Turkey Decoration– This little turkey craft is as cute as it is yummy and would make a perfect treat for your Thanksgiving table or to send to school for your kids classroom!

3.Fall Nature Painting– A great craft that will get your kids outside to find leaves, pine cones, or anything else they can use to make a beautiful fall painting for your home!


4.Patchwork Pumpkins– Who says pumpkins are just for Halloween? These super cute patchwork pumpkins are easy enough for kids to make and is a fun craft for everyone!


5.Paper Plate Scarcrow– I love paper plate crafts! They are cheap and easy and kids love them! This Scarcrow is cute and a great way to bring in the Fall spirit.


6.Fall Bucket list for Toddlers– This great printable is perfect to go over with your toddler to make the most of your fall and Thanksgiving holiday.


7.Turkey Felt Finger Pumpkins– These are SO cute and your kids are sure to have a ton of fun putting on a Thanksgiving puppet show!


8.DIY Fall Wreath Kids can make– Wreaths are a great way to welcome fall in to your home, so why not get the kids involved and let them make their own right?


9.Pumpkin Tealights– A perfect accessory for your Thanksgiving table these pumpkin tealights are easy to make and beautiful. (*Note- for small children I would recommend using a battery operated light versus an open flame)


10. DIY Apple Turkeys– Something fun to make on Thanksgiving at the kids table and then they can eat it after they are done!


So remember to have fun this November and carve out some time to do some crafts with you kids!

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I am thankful free printable for kids for Thanksgiving

Free Thanksgiving Printable For Kids: I Am Thankful