10 Great Potato Recipes for Kids

10 Great Potato Recipes for Kids


The Holidays are right around the corner and I’m sure that like me, if you are hosting a family dinner that you are already planning your menu for the big day. While your main dishes are of great importance don’t forget about the yummy side dishes! This year my daughter has asked for potatoes.That’s all she said. She just wants some potatoes for Thanksgiving. So I searched the web to find some awesome recipes for her to pick from and I thought I would also share them with my awesome readers these potato recipes for kids!

Here are 10 great potato recipes for kids:


1.Mashed Potato CasseroleThis is a great new take on a classic mashed potato recipe and your kids are sure to ask for seconds!


2.Baked and Loaded Mashed Potatoes– Any recipe that combines potatoes, bacon, and cheese together is sure to be a hit with the kids right? And it will make a beautiful addition to your holiday table!


3.Perfect Potatoes au Gratin– Homemade is always better, and with this easy recipe your kids can help make this for themselves!


4. Cheesy Pizza Potatoes– This recipe combines 2 of my favorite foods into 1 awesomely cheesy and yummy recipe. For the record, this is the recipe my daughter chose ha!


5.Roasted Potato Wedges– If your kids like french fries like mine do, then this roasted potato wedges are a great alternative that cuts out some calories without sacrificing flavor!


6.Sweet Red Potato Salad– If your kids would rather have something nice and cold to go with that hot turkey and gravy then they will love this sweet recipe!


7.Sweet Potato Fries– Another great alternative to salty french fries, these sweet potato fries are easy, crunchy, and sure to be no leftovers!


8.Oven Roasted Potatoes– Who says a great potato recipe has to be complicated? Sometimes all you need is some great spices to make a wonderful Thanksgiving side your kids will gobble up!


9.Cheesy Bacon Potato Rounds– Little slices of heaven on a potato! These are really easy to make, and one of my family’s personal favorite recipes.



10.Paprika Potatoes and Green Beans– 2 great fall flavors in 1 yummy recipe that will bring some color and flavor to your fall table!

What is your favorite way to serve potatoes at your Thanksgiving table?