Make Money Blogging

Do you want to make money but at the same time stay at home? The answer is to make money blogging. I’m sharing with you my story on how I started blogging, how much I earn and how I did it.

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Make Money Blogging

Dear Friends-

I thought today I would share a secret when I started blogging. I made nothing. Well, I made $150 a month. I was working full-time, and I was a full-time mom to two children, and then there were three. I was trying to work a job from home, be a full-time mom, and blog. I knew something had to change. I decided that I wanted to own my own business. I wanted to blog full-time, to make money blogging. I wanted my side hustle to be my full-time income. I wanted a quick solution to the crazy life I had created working 15 hours days. I sat down with my husband, and we talked about what I would have to make to quit my work from home job. He gave me a goal of earning $600 in one day. He said, “If you can do that you can quit.” I was ready. I had no idea how I was going to earn $600 in one day when I was earning $150 in a month, but I wanted out. I thought about my skills and I went to work in my email box. I made up advertising packages on a site without much traffic. I sold myself and my abilities. I closed the day with $900 in my PayPal account a two weeks notice in my outbound email box, and I started my journey to owning my own business.

I currently have several sites and yes, I still have $900 days, not every day, but they do happen. I have the ability to teach once a week at my children’s school. I rarely miss out on anything at school. I run my own show scheduling jobs around my life, not the other way around. I make more than I would as a teacher. I am my own boss, and it is awesome. The best part is I have several people on my team who also now get to be the parents they want to be while adding income to their families.

How to blog and earn money

I am sharing for a reason today. There is a Sign-up here that I have taken. It is opening today, and you get $90 in bonuses. I wish this class were around when I took my leap from a real income to one that may happen. I wish I knew all of this before I did so many things wrong. I basically left cash on the table. The class now has options to pay over time. The cost is $499 and I know it seems like a lot, however, I was able to make $900 in one day. I will also share that when I book jobs, I charge $350-$1,000 per job. I enjoy what I do I get paid to try products, cook, clean, shop, and travel. I found a way to monetize being a stay at home mom and I love it. >>>>>> You can sign-up for the class here.

I sincerely hope you consider taking this class and working on your dream because believing in yourself is the single most important thing you can do but then you need to provide yourself with the tools to make your dream a reality. I believe this class can help you create a side hustle that can help your family like it is has helped mine. Oh, I forgot if you do sign up for the class email me realadvicegal[@] gmail [dot] com subject Elite Blog Academy and I will mentor you through it.


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