AdvoCare: It is My Time



Join me in my weight loss journey!  I am 46 years old, and I have decided it is my time now.  My goal is to lose 100 lbs.  I wasn’t overweight as a child, teen, or young adult. I was comfortable for the most part in my 5’7” body wearing a size 10 or size 12 clothes, and yes, there were times I wished I was a bit smaller.  I got married at 28, started a position as an assistant principal in rather large middle school and was working on my doctorate degree.  I was happy, challenged by new career, and put my heart, soul, and lots of time into my work.  I remember going to the school cafeteria ladies telling them I was having a stressful day and I would like extra ala carte of mash potatoes or some other comfort food entrée.  On the nights my husband worked the late shift, I stopped by fast food on my way home because I had had a busy and stressful day so I deserved it. That’s what I told myself : )

This why I am going to try Advocare

The pounds started to creep on little by little.  After moving to another state for my husband’s job, taking another job as an administrator,  adopting a child who was age 5, being a foster parent to several children, and then going through a variety of fertility treatments,  having a son at 35, then a miscarriage, then another son at the 37, I had gained 70 lbs.  I didn’t enjoy shopping for clothes, and I would talk myself out of buying many outfits because I would convince myself I would be losing weight soon and then I would buy more clothes in the new size.

After another move, becoming a stay at home mom, and then back to work as a private school and preschool director, I gained another 30 lbs.  It wasn’t until I attended a Celebrate Recovery class at my church with a friend who was going through some tough times, that I came out of denial and realized I wasn’t eating simply because I love to eat and I enjoy the taste of food – no, the reality was I had a food addiction. While others struggled with other vices, I ran to food when I was stressed, as a reward, when I was tired, when I overwhelmed, etc.  There’s nothing like the content feeling of a full tummy of one of the many comfort foods.

I tried a variety of diets – counting points, keeping track of calories,  cutting out carbs, and trying to eat raw food vegan.  I am sure there are some of you who can identify with the war that occurs in your head when you are headed to a restaurant or preparing your favorite food.  It truly feels like there is a little devil and angel sitting on each of your shoulders.  I can pretty much justify anything I put in my mouth, but if I am honest, I know I am only kidding myself.

Now my children are 19, 10, and 9 years old.  I have recently stopped working, and I know this is my time now!  I know God wants me to take better care of the body (ok, He calls it a temple)that He gave me.  I want to be able to take my kids to the pool and actually wear a swimsuit and swim or ride roller coasters and not be concerned that I can’t breathe in the harness or fit in the wooden roller coaster seats.  I want to be able to ride bikes with my kids, go to water parks, ice skate, ski, or roller skating – all the things I would do when I was younger, thinner, and not afraid of hurting myself.  I want to try something a new outfit on and look in the mirror and like what I see.

I intend to focus on myself and my health and this is why I am going to try AdvoCare

I have taken my measurements, I have an initial weight, I have joined a gym (that’s a whole other story for another time : ), and I am going to take the 24 day Advocare challenge.  The Spark energy drink has really helped me to have the energy to get through the first 20 minutes of shock, I mean cardio workout, in whatever crazy class is offered at 9:00 a.m. at the local gym : ) I have a friend who meets me at the gym – which I might add is a great thing to have that accountability.  It’s easier to make yourself go when you know you will let your friend down if you don’t show up.

Join me in my journey to transform myself! It is truly my time now!  You can read Amee’s AdvoCare Spark Review 

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