Sweet and Savory Ham Sandwich Recipe

Sweet and Savory Ham Sandwich Recipe


My children take their lunch to school every day except for one. That one day a week they are wanting to eat in their cafeteria. I make them take their lunch because the food that their cafeteria serves isn’t really of good quality. I wish that they would serve baked chicken, good quality salads, healthy sandwiches instead of pizza, hamburgers and chicken nuggets.  I can make better lunches that are healthier with Aldi‘s products. So here’s a glimpse into what I made for them today.

Aldi’s lunches help you feed your family good food. 


I decided I wanted to make a sweet and savory Ham and brie on italian bread is a healthy lunch. The best news is that it’s so simple to make. I used Aldi Italian bread, ham slices, brie and raspberry jam. Check out the deliciousness I served my son.

He was happy with this yummy lunch and his friends were jealous! Here’s the sweet and savory Ham Sandwich recipe below.


Sweet and Savory Ham sandwich with Aldi Meals


  • Aldi Italian bread
  • ham
  • raspberry preserves
  • brie cheese


  • On one slice of bread spread raspberry jam. Cut brie and add to the other side of bread. Place ham slices folded over on top of the cheese. Put sandwich together.

Make sure you check out my other Aldi’s lunch posts. I can make easy to prepare lunch ideas using the items I purchase there.  This one came it at just under $2.40 per serving. When you compare that with eating out it is such a bargain! It’s one of the reasons I shop at Aldi’s a lot to feed my family. They have great products and great prices. It makes getting groceries much more affordable. What other wonderful meals do you think you could make from there?



 Try this Easy Sweet and Savory Ham Sandwich Recipe Now!

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