Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics

Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics

Makeup Artist Secrets: Tips to save money on brand name cosmetics at a luxury make-up counter or department store!

Get our secret tips on how you can save big on branded cosmetics and beauty products.

Ever walk through the Cosmetics Counters of a luxury department store in the mall and wonder, “Are these high-end luxury brand cosmetics worth the higher price tag?” Well, I’m here to give you some straight advice on how to save some money while at these make up counters so that you don’t break the bank!

Here are some things I’ve learned in my years of experience as a Freelance Makeup Artist…

Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics

TIP #1 = Great makeup starts with great skin.
If your skin is healthy and well cared for, you can pretty much get away with wearing any product you want. If your skin is neglected, dry and cracked, even the best makeup won’t help you much. A great way to save money on makeup is to take the time to properly care for your skin so that you won’t need much in the first place!

Tip #2 = NEVER make an impulse decision at a luxury cosmetics counter! (I used to work at one, believe me, I know!)
The cosmetics industry as a whole realizes that 90% of make-up splurges are an “impulse buy” that most people are too lazy to return or exchange. A great way to save money is to ask to first “sample” the products for FREE at the counter. Try it on, walk around with it, look at it in different lighting, ask the opinion of others, if it’s not worth the price, you will know! And if you’re still thinking about how wonderful this product was, THEN go back and buy it. Also, most of these products are available for sampling (even to take home) if you ask. As the consumer, realize that a lot of the “retail markup” is accounting for samples and trials at the counter. You end up paying for it anyway, so why not take advantage of this!

Tip #3 = Do your research!
If you are going to invest in a high-end makeup product, do your research first! These days you can find reviews online for just about anything. It can be as simple as just “googling it” on your smart phone real quickly while shopping! Before you spend lots of money at a high-end cosmetics counter, make sure the products you are looking to purchase have positive feedback from people who have similar skin type & skin concerns as you do.

…Stay tuned for more tips on my NEXT article (coming soon)!

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