Black Friday Shopping Tips

I Love Black Friday! Though, at the same time I am not that gun ho crazy person who will trample you because there is only one more of the HOTTEST trend toy or whatever on the shelf. Do we need Anything That Badly! I think not! So I wanted to share with you some of my tips on How To Survive Black Friday as I do! There is no need to be cranky, or wake up before midnight even strikes! And for those who are cranky because they have been out all night long, don’t let them drag you down when you get out! I mean, you are most likely Christmas shopping anyways! Have a cheerful heart and Enjoy Black Friday Shopping!

Here are some simple but effective tips on How To Survive Black Friday!

Be Prepared
Get the paper the Sunday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day! Both will have fliers inside to help you find what store has the best deal on that latest toy or gadget! If you can’t get a paper most, store fliers are available online as well!
Make a List of what you NEED, check it twice, then shop through the fliers. Beside the item, you want to write down the first store that has what you want and how much! I will cut out or bring that flier along with me just to make sure that I get it at the cost too! I will then write down the next best price store just in case the first store sold out right away! If you have one store that has most of what you want, Map it out. Seems excessive I know but you will thank me. That store will be slammed pack! Go to the store, make a right, circle the store, and then hit the middle of the store and then check out! Have your partner stand in line for you as soon as you walk in! This could save you up to an hour here alone! I am not joking! I wish I were! Also do not forget to set your alarms, yes alarms. If you are planning on getting up a few hours after falling asleep, you will need more than one alarm.

Alarm Clock

Get a Shopping Buddy
Grab a shopping buddy for several reasons! Black Friday Shopping is so much fun, but even more, fun when you are doing it with friends and family who enjoy it too. It is also safer when you are shopping with a buddy! You can help keep track of each other this way! Also, don’t forget about Bathroom breaks! This way your friend can keep you in line without you having to loose your mind!

Grab a Shopping Buddy

Be Alert
Whether you are waking up at 12 am to head out or at 8 am, make or buy yourself a cup of coffee and breakfast! Not a shake and/or bar. I’m serious a breakfast! I have been there, done that and almost passed out because it was 8 hours later with no food or drink! In your purse toss a few of those energy bars or peanut butter crackers along with a bottled water, just in case too! Because once you do get started, you will not think about food or drinks! Be Alert, Look around you. If you are in line and something or someone seems off, call someone. And Don’t get trampled! Saving $20 might not be worth it….just saying, Especially when Amazon could be carrying that same item for the same price on Cyber Monday! So keep your eyes peeled for that as well!

Be Polite
Everyone is there for the same reason you are! To get some great deals, have some fun and make memories! Every year I go with my sister and a little later on my parents because it is a tradition! We shop, find some really good deals then enjoy a nice meal together out! No one wants to be pushed around to grab the next size up in shoes or pushed down because there is only one more DS on the shelf and you can’t reach it…been there…hate that!!! Remember that golden rule we learned in school, Do Unto Other!!!

Have Fun!
This is such a fun time of the year. Giving is better than receiving! I am all for a great sale just remember to relax and enjoy the shopping experience! And if you are not going out and shopping then Cyber Monday is for you!

Cyber Monday and Amazon

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