Baked Salmon Recipe

Baked Salmon Recipe

I guess I should share my recipe that my husband insists that I should send into the food network. He says watching all those shows have really improved my technique. I think he just wants me to cook a real meal every night.  I do try something new every week that is a start right?

Here is what I did this week. I stole the Baked Salmon Recipe off the Bag of Frozen Salmon Fillets from Kroger and I made it my own. I look for inspiration everywhere.

Here’s how to cook this Baked Salmon Recipe


4 frozen filets of Salmon from the bag
1/3 cup of Garlic
5 sprigs of fresh Dill
1 tablespoon of lime juice
1 tablespoon of lemon luice
¼ cup of mayo (light)
Sprinkle of salt
Sprinkle of pepper
1 sliced tomato

1) Set your oven to 400 degrees on bake

2) Cut lemon and lime in half put in the micro for 15 seconds to get the juice out

3) I shred the rind off the lemon and the lime and add it to the mixture (I do this to justify the pampered chef tool I bought for this very reason)

4) Mix the above items and place them on the fillets. Then place the tomato on top of the fillet.

5) Wrapped the fillets in foil by folding it in half and sealing the sides and top of the foil.

6) bake for 15-18 minutes until it is pink

I serve it over spinach that I place it in a pan with some olive oil and a little garlic. I then lay it  on the plate. Finally,  I put the fish on top with a couple of slices of lemon. Gourmet dinner with $4.00 worth of fish not bad for Salmon. In a restaurant this would be well over $10.00 a plate.  The best part is it is easy and healthy… and if I cook I am not on dish duty… maybe I should cook every night?

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