Bed Bugs, Birthdays, and Balls

Bed Bugs, Birthdays, and Balls


It is great to be me? Well, I know one thing that I have decided that it is my fight song. When faced with adversity I am just going to say “It is GREAT to be me!” in my head of course because talking to yourself is weird. No, I do not do that daily when no one is around. Do you also feel like you need a reminder? You know the friend that is your positive friend. The one that thinks you are superior at everything but the one thing that you do not care to excel at? You need that friend to be you.

In our home last week we dealt with bed bugs. Well, my husband did at the Marriot in DC. I then had to deal with the bed bugs by taking to social media. You see nothing makes me madder than companies not taking care of their customers. My husband travels for work, and he only stays at Marriot chains, so he is at their top level. If this is how they treat their premier guest well, that is really bad for those of us who do not travel for a living.

I also planned an epic birthday party for my daughter. Do you plan parties? It is so tiring! She wanted to make paintings, jewelry, and headbands. We also should not forget decorating cupcakes. It was a great time, but I always feel emotionally filled and economically depleted. You can see some of my party ideas in this post. Please, share your ideas I am always looking for more (Hit reply to do so!)

Balls, Balls, and more Balls! Does anyone else spend their life on the sidelines? I do. I have three kids that play soccer, and I spend more time watching and driving to soccer games and practices than I do cooking. I encourage my kids to play sports because of the team work, exercise, commitment, and because they need to run around and not be near one another 24/7. I am also addicted to watching sports and it sure is fun to be the loud mom who cheers on their kids while their husband pretends to crawl into a ball. Again own who you are. I am the loud soccer mom.

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