Best Way To Organize a Kitchen


Best Way to Organize Kitchen 

I posted this picture and my son said, “That was me after I did the dishwasher.  “I am Pretty good.” I am sure most of you are very thankful for cabinet doors. I decided after many injuries that I had to do something to make it easier and safer.  I needed to develop a strategy for organizing the kitchen.

Best way to organize kitchen

1) Take everything out of your cabinet

2) Wipe down your cabinets with warm soapy water

3) Dry your cabinet

4) Place like items in groups: Bowls, cups, plates, mugs etc

5) Throw away or donate anything that you do not use or have not used in a long time

6) Take inventory: How many plates do you have? How many do you need? Is the set complete?

7) Determine how you use your kitchen. Where do you cook? Where do you prep your food? Where do you clean up?

8) Create groups of your kitchen items to go with how you use your kitchen. Do not put your dish soap in a cabinet across from the sink put it in the cabinet closest to the sink.

kids dishes

9) Place your items back in your cabinets based on your usage. I created an adult dish cabinet and a children cabinet.

best way to organize kitchen

Best way to organize kitchen groups:

1) Create a Food Prep Station

Setting up your food prep station next to the sink is the easiest for clean up.  In this area you will want to keep your knives, cutting boards, and colanders for rinsing.

2) Cooking Station

This is where you will want to keep your pots, pans, spatulas, big spoons, and hot-pads close for easy access while cooking.  If your oven has a storage drawer underneath, use that along with the nearest cupboards.

best way organize kitchen

3) Baking Station

If you like to bake, a baking station is going to be your best friend.  Keep your electric mixer, bowls, rolling pin, parchment paper, measuring cups, and spoons all together in a cupboard near your work station.

4) Leftover Station

You’ll need a place where you can wrap it all up.  After a meal, you will want to grab storage containers to put away all the leftovers.  Whether you use plastic containers, plastic bags, or just put the food on plates and cover with plastic wrap or foil, you will want all those items conveniently located somewhere between the dinner table and the sink.

5) Cleaned up  Station

Use the cabinet above  or next to your dishwasher to store items such as dishes and glasses, and use the nearest  drawer for silverware. If you find you have extra head-space in your cabinets, use kitchen organizer shelves to utilize this extra space for small juice glasses, coffee mugs, or even tiny dessert bowls and  such.  Your clean up station should have all your chemical and dish sponges, towels, and your  dish rack easily accessible.

6) The catch everything else 

There are items that you may not use every day.  Those are the things that you can store in a buffet, china cabinet, or other out of the way place.  You may have a collection of nice tablecloths, napkins, and other tableware and you may even have things you use to cook for special occasions like a waffle iron or electric knife.

Now lets keep that kitchen cleaning schedule

Having an organized kitchen will help you be able to clean your kitchen in just 15 minutes.

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