Beginners Blogging tips

Okay so you want to blog… You need

Beginners Blogging Tips

You need to get LifeLock if your going to be online all the time. You never know people are crazy.. This is totally worth the money.

You need a domain name I suggest Go Daddy for your basic hosting options and your domain. You need to find a name with both the .com and the .net. If you’re just starting and the .com name is not available, keep brainstorming. If a logical spelling isn’t available, keep searching. Don’t expect your readers to remember that you’re only a .net or to remember your clever (in your own mind) misspellings. They won’t, and they’ll wind up at a different site.

It's a BIG DEAL! Get a a $.99 .COM from  - 468x60
When your site gets bigger I suggest liquid web hosting I have knocked down 8 hosts with I have a 99.8% rate of up time. The .02% was caused by adding a plug in that crashed my site.. Yes, I did it

For smaller sites, you can use a host such as

WordPress & Go Daddy Hosting – A Winning Combination For Your blog!image 3457372 10699215
with good results. Don’t be tricked into the cheapest hoping you can find, that’s how you run into problems when your site begins to grow.

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You need a real email service. Email marketing is effective and you need to start right from the start. Think Feedburner is enough? On average, it takes potential readers at least seven emails before they listen to your message. When you’re only sending your feeds to their inbox, you’re not giving them anything fresh, there’s no incentive for them to open your email right away. I would say you need Mad Mimi. It is who I use for all my businesses and their customer services, services offered, and cost per use is awesome. It is also easy to set up and use. I have to admit I am not at all tech savvy and this is EASY! This is a Beginners Blogging Tip that I wish I would have taken. Email is an amazing way to build a loyal following.

You need a web design. I suggest using self-hosted WordPress  right off the bat. I would not start on blogger and move over it is a pain in the neck and it will cost you money to have someone move you unless you are tech savvy. You can have a wordpress design done for less than $200. If you need someone email me at subject designer I will point you to the person I use.

You have everything you need. Now you need to focus on what to write. I would get out a calendar and make a plan. I would try to think of a topic that you can write several articles about. Then I would put them in a calendar. I use google calendar but I am buying this one so I can have it available at all times.


We all know I blog as my job. I have never hid that fact from anyone. I never would. I have a ton of tools that I use. I am totally willing to share that information with you.

Look for my Advanced Blogging Tips for 2013 coming soon….