Burlap and Sunflowers Bridal Shower Wrap Up!

Burlap and Sunflowers Bridal Shower Wrap Up!

So I hope you all have enjoyed my posts and tutorials for all of the burlap and sunflower decorations I made for my sister’s bridal shower. We had a lovely afternoon! The weather was perfect, the food was good, and the decorations in my biased opinion were beautiful! I thought I would share with you some of the final touches and how it all came together.

simple and sweet burlap and sunflowers bridal shower

Burlap and Sunflowers Bridal Shower


Let’s start with the invitations. All good parties start with a great invitation. The invitation helps set the theme for the party. I ordered sunflower and burlap invitations that I found on Etsy. It is simple but pretty and very accurately sets the theme. Please excuse the information that I blurred out to protect the innocent, lol!

burlap and sunflowers bridal shower invitation with info blurred out

Party Favors: 

Party favors have gotten a bad wrap lately among mommy circles because it seems like they have become a contest to see which mom can create the biggest and best. I will admit I am not a fan of overboard party favors for kids birthdays but for an adult celebration such as this it is a really nice way to thank your guests for coming and joining in the celebration. I will stress that it is okay to keep it simple and you do not need to spend a ton of money to be able to send each guest home with a little token of your gratitude. So with that in mind I made simple favors using burlap bags. The burlap I used bags can be purchased from BurlapFabric.com. In each bag I put a packet of sunflower seeds and a bag of chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

bridal shower party favors fill a burlap bag with a packet of sunflower seeds and chocolate covered sunflowers


For the bridal shower, I put the bags in a pretty basket. Tip: Try to put your favors in a place where you will be sure to remember to give them to guests when they are leaving. I am notorious for forgetting to hand out favors.

bridal shower basket of party favors

Food and Drinks:

I have these awesome galvanized metal bins that fit with the country burlap and sunflowers theme so we filled them with ice to serve cold drinks  from them. I decorated the bin with a burlap ribbon and bow and a sunflower. We filled the bin with water, sodas, wine, and mixed drinks. The mixed drinks were the brides favorite Bay Breezes and we made them up in mason jars so they could go in the ice bin too! Note: The burlap flower in the middle of the bow can be made following the directions here.

burlap and sunflowers old farm bin filled with ice and drinks

I wanted to keep the food simple too! We cooked hot dogs in the crock pot (so no one had to stand over the grill) and served them with all the fixins’ including chili, sauerkraut, cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, and relish. Guests could decide what toppings they wanted. I made a big batch of “cowgirl” beans (aka calico beans). I also made Tennessee Ugly dip served with tortilla scoops. The dip was a big hit. My mom made my sister’s (the bride) favorite macaroni salad. It was a no fuss simple lunch but everyone commented on how good everything was and really seemed to enjoy the food. Oh I almost forgot, I wrapped silverware in napkins tied with twine which can also be purchased at BurlapFabric.com.

burlap and sunflowers bridal shower food

Burlap and Sunflowers Decorations:

As you can see in the picture above I used the vases I decorated with twine and burlap flowers on the food table and I also used them as centerpieces on the picnic tables where the guests sat. I covered the picnic tables with either a white tablecloth or a green one then ran a stip of burlap down the center and added one of the vases filled with sunflowers. Very simple but also elegant and pretty. On the table I also put envelopes for guests to address for thank you cards to ave the bride some time, pens for the games, and a dish of chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

burlap and sunflower bridal shower table decorations

I hung up the burlap banner that I made and also the burlap wreaths.

burlap and sunflowers bridal shower burlap banner

The bride loved the banner, wreaths, and vases so much that she incorporated them into her wedding decorations.

burlap and sunflowers bridal shower burlap wreath

Don’t forget about the cake!

I cheated a little bit…normally I would bake a cake because even though I am not a professional I really love to bake and decorate cakes. But with all the other preparations and having to travel to another state for the shower I ordered the cake from the grocery store bakery. I gotta say I was impressed with how nice the cake turned out. They had the perfect sunflower design and did not misspell the bride’s name which is always a bonus!

burlap and sunflowers bridal shower sunflower cake

And that’s a wrap. The bride was very happy with the bridal shower I put together. Thank God because we all know sometimes bridezilla can make an appearance. I love how it all came together! What do you think about my burlap and sunflowers bridal shower?

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