Champagne Fruit Punch Recipe for Kids

Champagne Fruit Punch Recipe

champagne fruit punch

This Champagne Fruit Punch Recipe is made just for kids. It’s a drink my children and their friends love to drink because it fizzles, fizzes, and best of all, it “pops”.  We pour it into nice crystal glasses and we celebrate. We have celebrated everything from reading a book to ringing in the New Year. This is my go to recipe for “Champagne.” I love it because it is easy to make since it only requires two ingredients.  Fancy it up a little more by embellishing it with a piece of fresh fruit.

Champagne fruit punch recipe

champagne fruit punch

This is what you will need:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Lemon Lime Soda

For the fruit punch, you can buy a 2 liter or a half gallon.  I’ve even used the frozen concentrate that you just add water to and stir.

Make it fun for the kids by using fancy glasses.  I picked this one up at Goodwill for less than a dollar.

For a garnish, choose your child’s favorite fruit.  My children’s favorite happens to be strawberries which make for a lovely garnish.

champagne fruit punch

Making Your Punch

Mix one cup of lemon lime soda with two cups of fruit punch.  Multiply this one part lemon lime soda to two parts fruit punch to make as much punch as needed for the occasion.  Kids loves the bubbles the lemon lime soda creates in this “fancy” drink.  This is also nice treat to use at a fun party like this Fancy Nancy Birthday Party.

I think making a special drink makes your child feel special. Even though I know you shouldn’t let them have this much sugar all the time, every once in a while it is a nice surprise.

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