Its a great meal, Charlie Brown! Don’t Forget the Peanuts Gang Cupcakes!

Are you dippers? I mean true dippers who dip everything? We are a family of dippers. We love to dip everything and we love all kinds of dips. We love dips so much that my children have created their own. They call it “double dip” and have even had the recipe published in our church’s cookbook. Double Dip is made by mixing equal parts ranch dressing and ketchup.

Double Dip Recipe


2 Tbsp ketchup

2 Tbsp ranch dressing

Double Dip mix half ketchup with half ranch dressing


Put ketchup and ranch dressing in a small bowl. Mix until thoroughly combined.

Double Dip all mixed together

The perfect dippers for double dip are Tyson® Chicken Strips. For protein powered snacking or easy finger food dinners we serve Tyson® Chicken Strips with Double Dip, barbecue sauce, and honey mustard. Paired with some cheesy broccoli and we have a very happily dipping family and a delicious meal. It’s a great meal, Charlie Brown!

Tyson Chicken Strips and dips and cheesy broccoli


We also love a reason to celebrate and the new Peanuts Movie is definitely a cause for celebration. The Peanuts Movie is available Only in Theaters and to celebrate we made Peanuts Gang cupcakes. Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, and Schroeder were our inspiration for these cupcakes.

Peanuts Gang Cupcakes featuring Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus , and Schroeder

How to make Peanuts Gang Cupcakes:


Your favorite cupcakes

yellow frosting

red frosting

blue frosting

dark blue frosting

brown frosting

black frosting


  1. Frost several cupcakes with a smooth layer of each of the following colors: yellow, blue, red, and dark blue.
  2. On the lighter blue cupcakes add mini chocolate chips to create polka dots t0 look like Sally’s dress. Note: Instead of blue you could also do pink frosting for Sally’s dress.
  3. On the yellow cupcakes, use a thin frosting tip to create a chevron stripe across the middle of the cupckae with brown frosting to look like Charlie Brown’s shirt.
  4. On both the red and dark blue cupcakes, add thin stripes using black frosting.

I think these cupcakes are just adorable. They were really easy to decorate. Watch the video to see exactly how I made each cupcake character.



Is your family excited for the new Peanuts movie? I know we certainly are especially as the holidays approach. It is a family tradition to watch all the Peanuts holiday specials. How will you celebrate the new movie? If you have a favorite dip, please share. My big and little dippers are always willing to try a new dip.