Cheap Mac Service

 Cheap Mac Service

I believe that time is money. I also believe that buying the right tools to get the job done is imperative to your success. I am a Mac girl. I do not often need my Mac Repaired.  I know that having a Mac repaired can be expensive. What I didn’t know is you can call the apple hotline 1-800-275-2273 and they will help you solve your problem for less than $20. They will charge you $19 to use their over the phone support. They will let you call back for 30 days if they did not solve your issue with the first call.

You will need to provide your Mac Serial number which is easy to do:

Click on the apple

Click on about this MAC

Click More information

The savings tip I have for you is before you decide to get a new computer because you can’t fix it see if your computer manufacture has a help center. I was so frustrated I was saving up to buy a new MAC. The Cheap Mac Service saved me Dollar$ over Change.


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