Christmas Party Ideas For Kids

Christmas Party Ideas For Kids



Can you believe that Christmas is in 17 days!? I don’t know where this year went, I swear I was just grilling for 4th of July like two weeks ago, ha! So this year we are throwing our first Christmas party this year and we are planning on having quite a few kids running around our house which is something new for us. So while searching the web for some great Christmas Party Ideas for Kids to implement during our party I had a thought that there were probably some of you that were looking for some awesome ideas as well! So let’s check them out shall we? 

Here are some awesome Christmas Party Ideas for Kids:

  • Pick a fun theme! When throwing an adult party some good food and drinks can be enough for a great party, but when you have little ones involved you know they love a good theme! Some great theme ideas are: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Candy Land, Frosty the Snowman, Oh Christmas Tree, Jesus is the reason for the season, Holiday Lights, and Waiting For Santa Claus! There are so many fun themes to choose from!
  • Get on Pinterest! If you don’t have a pinterest account get one! There are hundreds of thousands of ideas for any type of party or event you can imagine. From decorations to recipes, favors and more! Make sure to follow Madame Deals on Pinterest for some great ideas for every season!
  • Let the kids craft! What kid doesn’t love doing crafts right? Set aside some space for a crafting table and let the kids make something fun to take home. If you need some ideas check out these 10 easy Christmas crafts for kids
  • Make Fun Food! The Holiday season is such a great time to make great themed recipes. All you need is some sprinkles (red and green of course) and a little imagination. Check out my Christmas Painted Pretzels fro a great snack.
  • Don’t forget the games! Games are fun for any party and Christmas parties are no exceptions. You could play Pin the nose on the Rudolph,  Build your own Snowman, If you have snow you can go out and have sledding races, all kinds of fun!
  • Remember to have fun! Parties can be stressful to plan and host but always remember the real reason you are having a party in the first place, to have fun and spend time with family and friends. As long as you are happy and having fun, your guests will be happy and have fun. I hope you all have a great Christmas!

Do you have any great Christmas Party Ideas for Kids? Let us know in the comments below!