July 21, 2010

Cream Chicken Pasta and the Brie Strata

I am working on winning the dinner time battle. I can’t handle cooking, working, and three kids. My job often requires me to work right up until and sometimes through dinner since it is virtual. This presents a huge problem at meal time. I came across the Once A Month cooking method and decided to attempt their free one week meal plan. I started last week but I didn’t eat anything I made because my husband was out of the country and I was in survival mode. Click here to see how I got started. Here is the Recipes I used.

Does it work? Yes! We have eaten two meals so far. We had the Cream Chicken Pasta and the Brie Strata. They were so easy to heat up and serve. My son even ate chicken. If you knew my son you know that is a big YEAH! We also ate the Brie Strata and it to was super. It was enough for dinner and breakfast for the kids the next morning. I look forward to eating the list below this week. Then I am going to make my way through the book.

Cream Chicken Pasta

• Brie Strata

•Three Bean Chili

• Pesto Grilled Chicken Breasts

• Spicy Taco Salad

• Citrus Salmon

• Fettuccine & Herbed Shrimp

Pass on your FAVORITE freezer recipes to me. I am excited by this new freeze ahead cooking method!

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