Why I didn’t do my work

I really shouldn’t admit I didn’t do my work today. I was going to research an article on kids that feel entitled because of society. I had my schedule all organized. I went to bed late because I did my work for today last night I was on a roll and decided to keep going. That ended at 12:30 am. I thought I had it all planned out and then I went to bed. Sleep was short lived about an hour and half after I went to bed I was woken up by someone who climbed on top of me in bed in tears. It was a monster invasion and I was now facing a child invasion.  I did what you should do I let him in and was overwhelmed with pokes to the ribs, arms over my face, and knees in my back but I am a mom and what is one night sleep?

I awoke to see snow I knew that meant a delay or no school at all. The thought of either options were both overwhelming and troublesome. I had work to do and I needed to go workout. I decided this year I was taking an hour a day for myself. I need it and I deserve and I was going to figure this out. I had kids to feed, clean, keep alive, and rooms to return to their normal state. I dropped two off at school. One was upset over forgetting his lunch. The one child that was left informed me my cell phone was in the bathroom where he left it. I had to run home and then run him to dance class. I had a friend meet me for a quick 27 minute walk. Then I picked up my youngest from dance. We ran home so I could check on my business and watch a photography class while I worked. I couldn’t work because my son was hungry not once but three different times he asked for more food. I had a friend visit quickly to grab her freezer meals.

Then it was nap time. I read him a story. I had to watch him sleep which resulted in me falling asleep holding his had. I woke up 35 minutes later wondering how I fell asleep but grateful there was still a little hand in my palm. I ran downstairs and I made myself lunch and I got to work. I had an hour to get things done. I starting writing again and then had a friend ask for help. I did that instead.

I had homework to help with. The playroom to get cleaned, dishwasher to empty, and dinner to cook. We did all that then we watched a renovation show and told jokes. The jokes didn’t make any sense but listening to my children giggle was awesome. I put them all to bed and sat down to work on my post. I responded to all my emails. Then I received a request to find a missing child and I did that instead. The purpose of my post is sometimes life is more important than work. You need to embrace your path and take a moment to focus on what is important. The time you have with your family and friends can not be replaced. This site has 17,000+ posts. I am sure the one I was supposed to write isn’t as important as the knock knock jokes I learn. Life is about love, laughter, and forever after!