DIY Cookie Sheet Recipe Holder and Chalk Board Menu Boards Craft

Chalk Board Menu Boards Craft

Whenever I cook, I’m always laying my recipe card down and it ends up lost amongst the flour, egg yolks and bowls. Or if I’m using my iPad, it ends up covered in in one of those things! After countless methods for keeping my recipe cards clean and where I can see them, I finally discovered the trick. They needed to be up, off the counter and have their own special place. So, using a cookie sheet, some chalkboard paint and some magnets, I created just that.

Here’s what you need to make a Cookie Sheet Recipe Holder and Chalk Board Menu Boards Craft:

  • 1 magnetic cookie sheet (Mine came from the dollar store)~ It’s a good idea to take a small magnet with you to make sure it is magnetic.
  • 1, 4 x 6 acrylic photo frame
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • painter’s tape
  • chalk
  • magnetic clip
  • ribbon
  • chalk
  • hot glue

The first thing I did was to tape the outside portion of the cookie sheet with the painter’s tape. I then spray painted using the chalkboard paint, the inside portion of the cookie sheet. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area and according to the directions on the bottle. This will need some time to dry. You will probably need to do another coat and let it dry.
Once the painting is finished, carefully remove the tape. Now, depending on the size of your cookie sheet and your counter space, you will have to decide if you want it to be horizontal or vertical. I opted for horizontal.

I placed the cookie sheet onto the front of the acrylic picture frame and marked where the top and sides of the frame were. This way, I would know exactly where to place the frame once I had glue on it. The frame will allow the recipe holder to sit on your counter-top without assistance.

Once that is done, cover the front side of the picture frame with a LOT of hot glue. Place the picture frame within the parameters you marked on the back of the cookie sheet.

You will need to “prepare” the chalkboard area before writing on it. All this means is to take the chalk and rub it over the chalkboard area. Then wipe it clean. Please check the manufacturer’s directions on your chalkboard paint in case it differs. Then, add a little bow or any other embellishments you like. Place your magnetic clip with your recipe card attached, and you now have a fool-proof way to keep your precious recipe cards clean!

Thanks to Abby Whittington for sharing this chalk board menu boards project!

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