DIY Dish Mat & Burp Cloth

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I love picking up sheets and pillow cases at yard sales and thrift stores. You never know what you will be able to use them for. I picked up this heavy Ralph Lauren top sheet at a yard sale a while back. I needed a new dish mat, so I decided I would try to make one.

I used a piece of this sheet and a towel that had gotten a hole in but it’s too nice to use for a rag.

First thing you need to do is cut the towel and the sheet to the size you want.

Then with the right sides together sew along the edges using a 5/8 inch seam allowance or using your pedal foot for a guide. Leave enough room open to turn it right side out.

Then flip and use a pencil to push the corners out. Iron down along the edges and sew along the sides with 5/8 inch seam to finish the edges neatly.

This is a very easy project and is much cheaper than going to purchase a new dish mat. I recommend using a heavier sheet rather than a thin sheet, that way the durability will be better for usage and washing. When I was finishing the edges on the dish mat I decided to take what was left of the towel and make a smaller version for a burp cloth. These both would make wonderful shower gifts.

Happy Creating and Sewing!


Thanks for this guest post Elizabeth T.

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