DIY Tips on How to Repurpose Old Pillow Cases


Ever look at a stack of pillow cases and wish they were something else? Buy some bed sheets and wish there were more options for coordinating pillow cases? Well, I hope these diy tips will help you achieve both of these, and more!

A basic pillow case is a rectangle, folded in half and sewn along two sides, with a neatly finished edge. Of course, many decorative pillow cases are square, but it’s the same concept.

Ideas for pillow cases of course include the ever popular pillowcase dress. These dresses have been around forever and a day! In the picture collage below, you’ll see an example of a doll sized dress. You could also make shorts or skirts as well! Window panels are also a fun option, especially with cute, vintage pillow cases.

If you’re like me, and love to have a variety of pillow cases to go with each sheet set, this idea will work nicely for you. You can purchase flat sheets and make them into cases, with a few simple cuts. Again, keeping in mind that a case is simply a rectangle, or square, folded in half and sides sewn, this is a simple project. You can easily create patchwork designs, appliques and more. Try using one color for the body and another for the hem or making them reversible….the possibilities are endless!

With SO many ideas to share, I certainly hope these few, were a helpful start!

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