Easy Cool Whip Cookie Recipe

These three ingredient cookies will make you the envy of everyone. If they do not at least you didn’t waste all day cooking for those people who do not appreciate your worth. These Easy cool whip cookies recipe are great for every event that you have to bring something. They look great, taste great, and are cheap to make. We all know I love a great deal and a pretty sweet I am all in this is all you do.

3 ingredient cookie

Easy Cool Whip Cookie Recipe

1) Buy cake mix, an egg, and cool whip or whatever whip topping look alike you find in the freeze section
2) grab a bowl
3) pour in the cake mix. I used white cake but I thought about pineapple or red velvet.

4) Place one egg in the cake mix
5) Then mix in the egg
5 b) Then put in the food coloring of your choice (optional)
6) Finally fold in the 8 oz cool whip topping (do not overdo it)
7) Then grab a cookie sheet. I use this cookie baking pan.
8) Turn on your oven to 350 degrees
9) scoop out the cookie batter onto a cookie sheet
10) Place the cookie scoops in the oven for 10-12 minutes
11) Cool the cookies prior to consuming
12) Place them on a pretty plate and pretend you slaved over their creation.

Easy cool whip cookies recipe

NOTE from  a reader: I make these with the lemon cake mix and roll in powdered sugar before baking. I also do white cake mix with almond extract and roll in granulated sugar. I’ve tried chocolate mix also…ALL are amazing! I find that if I refrigerate the dough for a while after mixing that the cookies come out thicker and fluffier.

Best Cookie Recipe

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cool whip heart

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