Easy Dinner Recipes for Kids

Easy dinner recipes for kids


It is five o’clock and time to eat. The kids are running around and you have had enough. I decided the reason my kids were acting crazy because they wanted my attention. I needed Easy dinner recipes for kids to make and to eat. I know the two things my children love is bread and cheese. I decide we can make a meal that was easy, inexpensive, and healthy.  

This is the simplest and best recipe to start with. I will tell you that you need to be present at all times when your child is in the kitchen. I am behind my daughter in this picture.

They love these apple and cheese quesadilla

You will need

1 cup of chopped apples (You do this part)

1 TBS of olive oil or coat the pan

4 Tortillas

3 types of shredded cheese 1 cup total

I turn on the stove to three to just warm it up. Then I allow my child to add the following ingredients.

1TBS of olive oil or a light coating of the pan

Then they should place the tortilla in the bottom of the pan. The tortilla should start to brown. We turn on the timer for 1 minute. Then we add the cheese on 1/2 of the tortilla. We put on the timer for 30 seconds. Then add in a couple of tablespoons of apples. The tortilla needs to be folded in half. You may need to help with this.

The tortilla will need to be turned and cooked for around 60 seconds. You can use the hand over hand method to help turn the tortilla.


Easy dinner recipes for kids


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