Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Peacock Edition

Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Peacock Edition



Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and the best part is getting to dress up right? Well this year Jaiden (my adorable 5 year old pictured above) asked me if I could try out some fun Halloween makeup on her and share it with you guys! (This is how you know someone is a bloggers kid, in the middle of a store, asking for makeup so she can model for the blog haha) So, I agreed and we decided to start with a pretty popular costume this year, the Peacock! And if you are looking for a great costume to go with this make up here is a super cute Peacock Costume

Here is how to achieve this Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Peacock Edition:


Step 1: Start out with a fresh faced model and make sure you pin long hair back so it does not get in the way. Gather the supplies you will need which are: blue eye shadow, green eye shadow, purple eye shadow,gold eye shadow,  gold glitter, and if you would like, eyeliner and mascara.


Step 2: Starting at the inside corner of the eye take your purple eye shadow and work up to just below the eyebrow, do the same for your blue and green eye shadow, making sure to blend the shadows together so there isn’t a distinct line between the colors. Gently blow on the eyes to remove any excess shadow. Clean up around the eyes with a wet qtip.



Step 3: With your gold eye shadow start under the eye and line the bottom of the eye, and than around to the top. I added a green eyeliner to her lower lid, and mascara. 🙂 Dust the eyes with gold glitter to complete the eye look.


Step 4: This was my daughters favorite step.Gloss the lips with a clear gloss (or chapstick) Using a small make up brush, dip into your gold glitter and dab the glitter onto the lips. Allow to dry.



I hope you enjoyed this Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Peacock Edition tutorial! If you have any requests for other Halloween makeup ideas leave them in the comment section below and I will try my best at them!

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