Home Style Pork Chops

Home Style Pork Chops

homemade porkchop

As a busy wife, mother and preschool teacher my time in the kitchen is limited.  Wanting to put a delicious healthy meal on the table for my family is a priority for me and McCormick helps me do just that.  With a few quality McCormick spices and everyday ingredients I have at home I am able to put together a great meal that my entire family enjoys.

My most recent McCormick recipe proved to be another dinner time winner.  McCormick’s Home Style Pork Chops were quick, easy, delicious and inexpensive to make.  Using 4 bone in porch chops, McCormick thyme leaves, paprika, salt, pepper and some steamed vegetables I was able to put together a meal that made my son ask for more.  Watch the video below for step by step instructions to see how easy it was for me to make these delicious pork chops.

Give McCormick Home Style Pork Chops recipe a try along with the many other delicious recipes available at McCormick.com and you will have a happy family with happy tummies.

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