Easy Moist Chocolate Cake Recipes

   Easy Moist Chocolate Cake Recipes

Easy chocolate kids

    I love moist chocolate cake I also love making up recipes that look and taste awesome but anyone can replicate. This one is made using a box, a can, and a jar and eggs, oil, and water. I forgot to add love there is love in there! Okay so this is what I did and if you tell anyone my secret to to fantastic chocolate cake then you will owe me dessert!

These are the ingredients for Easy Moist Chocolate cake

moist chocolate cake

A box of cake mix and the ingredients to make it (eggs, oil, water)

Then You will need a can of cherry pie filling  and a jar of cookie butter or cookie cocoa swirl… If you want to make your own cookie butter here is a recipe for  low carb gluten free cookie butter it gluten free!

Oh and here is 10 ways to eat cookie butter

This is how you make this super yummy chocolate cake…

You follow the directions on the box and then you spray your pan

Place a single layer of the cake mix and then the cherry and then the cake mix again. Then add the cookie butter and a final cake layer.

Then cook it according to the box instructions in the oven. I have also cooked this in my crockpot for 3 hours on high.


I let mine cool. Then I cut it and add more cherries. You can never have enough cherries! I have also been known to add whip cream! Enjoy this is also an amazing recipe to use to make special cupcakes.

This is my Easy Moist Chocolate Cake Recipes.

Moist chocolate cake

chocolate cake collage

   This another one of my awesome chocolate recipes.

horizontal moist chocolate cake (1 of 1)-2

Easy Moist Chocolate Cake

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