Frugal Kid: St Patrick’s Day Craft Rainbow Rice

Frugal Kid Craft

Easy St Patricks Day Craft -How To Make Rainbow Rice

Food Coloring
Plastic Bags or Disposable Container
Uncooked Rice (Amount depends on how much you want. I used 2 cups per color)


1. Measure out 2-4 cups of rice and place in bag or container. I did 2 cups and added 6 drops of food coloring and 3 drops of vinegar.
2. Shake the bag/container until the rice has been colored to your liking. Don’t be afraid to add more coloring and even more vinegar if the color isn’t what you want.

3. Dump bag onto cookie sheet and spread out evenly. Allow to air dry overnight.

4. Continue process with all colors.

Note-some recipes I saw called for alcohol and you can use this in place of vinegar but I chose vinegar in case the boys put some of the rice in their mouth. It turned out great!


Educational Activities:

Science: Obviously this activity lends itself to discuss rainbow and how they are formed and the colors you find in them.

Language Arts: 1. Have your child create a story (you can write while they talk if they aren’t old enough) about a leprechaun finding a rainbow. Encourage them to add as many details as possible (where the rainbow was located, how he searched for it, what was the treasure at the end of it, etc). 2. Read the book The Night Before St. Patrick’s Dayand talk about St. Patrick’s Day and summarize the book. Pay close attention to pictures in the book and see how many rainbows you can spot!

Thanks Lindsay for the idea!

Thanks Mom On Dealz for this Frugal Kid Craft Idea!

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