Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home Appliances

I am a deal seeker but you really do not have to always seek out a deal. I would say seeking a deal is one Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home Appliances and for me it is very important. You can save hundreds and I have to ask why wouldn’t you do a little research. This is a big purchase! We recently needed both a washer and a dryer. We decided to set a budget but we also decided that we had to get energy efficient appliances with great ratings for both water usage and power usage. We also wanted one with a larger than a normal drum.

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Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home Appliances

The first thing you need to do after setting a budget is decide what is important to you. I was laughing over the washers and dryers with the clear areas to watch your clothes they cost more and honestly I do not need to see my laundry while it is washing. I guess some people like to see their laundry. I have to admit I have stuck mine in the washer and not turned it on just to get it off the floor.  Anyway this is how I save hundreds over my washer and dryer set.

1) Go to the store and get an estimate on the appliance you would like to purchase

2) Factor in all costs associated with that  appliance make sure to  ask questions

3) Determine if there is a rebate

4) If you are going to get a warranty  price out what you need and what it cost

5) Determine if the place you have gone to offers the best price

6) Open up your smart phone, computer, or make calls you have the model number and determine if  you have the best price

7) Then search for the retailer that will match the price and give you 10% off for not having the lowest price

8) Do the math factor in everything before you make your purchase

9) You do not need to buy the same brand if you are buying a washer and dryer if you do not want to do so. This frugal ways to save money tip is also true with kitchen appliances

10) Check the paper and sales flyers on Saturday if you can get a sneak peek since on Sunday a lot of prices change. If not check the price on Sunday and ask the associates they often know if there is a sale coming. I have no problem being nosy if it saves me hundreds… okay so I have no problem being nosy even if it doesn’t save me anything.

This is what we did. I went to Lowes and I picked out what I wanted. We were not in a hurry because saving hundreds is worth a trip or two to the laundry mat. We researched the machines I wanted based on my estimate. We were told there was a rebate associated with buying the pair. Then we needed a warranty. We have a habit of breaking things so we figured out that the rebate was very close in price to the cost of the warranty. It was a wash to us so we purchased it. We waited for a sale. Then we looked online to find the machines we wanted for less. We went back to Lowes and made our purchases. We went to Lowes because their warranty was so much cheaper than the competition and if we could get the product for less as well it was a huge deal for us. The original cost was $749 on each the sale price was $699. We then found a price match at $629. When you price match at Lowes you receive an additional savings of 10%. That means our $629 received a 10% off or $62.90. That brought our final price around $567. That is a savings of $749-567= 182 per appliance or $364 on the pair if you add in the $120 rebate. You will see we saved  $484 by doing our research, a totally awesome frugal ways to save money. We did decide to buy the $179.00 warranty that extended our care for 5 years. We decided one service call and one repair in 5 years was most likely going to happen and we wanted to have the expense up front instead of in the long run. The budget I had was $1,200  so with tax I was just a little over which isn’t bad since I have a 5 year warranty that was not included in our  original price.  I intend to make up the money with the water usage feature since my water bill is currently out of control and we figure if we have one repair it would have been $150+.

Some costs to consider on best home appliances:

Warranty cost, cost of delivery, cost of removal of old appliance, cords necessary for the new appliances, and costs for new materials like our new washer requires a different detergent. I am lucky that the homemade laundry soap I currently make works. Homemade Laundry soap.

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