Tips on How to Get a Good Night Sleep

Mom! Mom! Mom! I hate this bed. I hate it. I hate everything about it! Can I sleep with you? Me “No, when you sleep with me I do not get any sleep.” Does this sound familiar does your little one complain about where they sleep? Have you done everything, so they get a good night sleep?

Tips on How to Get a Good Night Sleep

Are you having a hard time sleeping? Read my tips on how to get better sleep.

1) Have a set bedtime for your children and wake-up time, and stick to it. This seems simple, but most of us are not very good at keeping the same sleep schedule, so you need to help your children do this. If you keep them on the same sleeping schedule within about 20 minutes before or after, they will be more likely to get to sleep easier, and they will wake up feeling refreshed.

2) Avoid long naps during the day. Your child’s body needs a certain amount of sleep each night. If they are having trouble sleeping at night and are taking long naps during the day, try skipping or shortening their naps. We naturally get sleepy in the afternoon; this is a great time for them to take a short nap. Naps longer than 45 minutes can affect their ability to get to sleep when you want to in the evening.

3) Avoid caffeine for 4 to 6 hours before bedtime. I would also suggest not giving them any beverages two hours before bed time because their bladders can’t handle the liquid. You want to be sure to avoid any giving your child any stimulants such as soda, tea, or too much chocolate in the evening hours. This will prevent them from waking up during the night.

4) Avoid heavy, fatty or spicy foods 4 to 6 hours before bedtime. Their body is working hard to digest a large meal, or they have spicy food in their stomach, it is harder for them to stay asleep.

5) Avoid strenuous exercise for about 2 hours before they go to bed. Regular, strenuous exercise actually will help you sleep more soundly, but not if it is too close to your bedtime. I know this is hard with sports so try to do a cool down routine before they go to bed. I have taught my daughter how to do a five-minute meditation.

6) Having a bedtime ritual is helpful for anyone, not just kids! Doing the same things before bed each night tells our bodies to prepare for sleep. A warm bath, soft music, prayer time, whatever works for them. Use this time before bed to consciously relax them and leave their worries behind. Some people find it helpful to write down what they are worried about and then make an effort to leave the worries on the paper for the night.

7) Have a light snack before bed. A small snack can help you fall asleep. Warm milk actually works, especially if you have it with a food high in tryptophan, such as a banana.

8) Have them help you decorate their bedroom. When you decorate, their room thinks about making it as dark and quiet as possible. Use blinds, window shades or room darkening curtains. A sleep mask can be helpful, too. Try to have the TV or radio off; these can stimulate you instead of put you to sleep. Very soft music may be more relaxing if you must have some noise.

9) Keep their bedroom at a comfortable temperature. Having their room too cold or too warm can keep them awake. Most people feel more comfortable in a cool bedroom.

10) Make sure your bedding is comfortable. Let them choose the blankets and pillows they like for their special place.

11) Only use your bed for sleeping or snuggling! Are you guilty of breaking this one? I am! Your bed should be used only for sleeping or sex. If you keep your bed reserved for these and only these activities, your mind will know it is time to sleep when you get in bed. It doesn’t hurt to try!

I tried all these things but there was one important thing I didn’t try, and it is the thing that changed everything.

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I have a son who was allergic to his mattress, and I had no idea. That was until I was asked to review a mattress. I didn’t realize that he was having trouble breathing and that is why he was up often. I knew a comfortable mattress is a good investment. What I didn’t think about was what a mattress was made of. Review. The perfect mattress for people with allergy.

My Green Mattress sets up in minutes. It is a firm mattress with a green sleep. My son slept all night. Thank goodness he is one of those kids that loves to put a limb on you, and it doesn’t matter if it is your face.

Are you allergic to your mattress and is having a hard time sleeping? Read my review

My story is similar to what Tim Master’s the founder of

Tim’s daughter, Emily, inspired him to expand his offerings to include all natural mattresses. Shortly after Emily was born, it was apparent that she suffered from eczema and allergies. Tim and his wife, Cindy, took Emily to see the best pediatric dermatologists, but also did their own research and found that all-natural products could help alleviate Emily’s symptoms.

Are you allergic to your mattress and is having a hard time sleeping? Read my review

Tim realized it was time to offer all-natural mattresses to his customers, and rushed to put one in his daughter’s crib. Emily is now sleeping on a twin-size, all-natural mattress handcrafted by her Dad. She is a happy, healthy little girl that loves to play with her three sisters, Rylee, Madelyn, Megan, and with her brother, Kyle.

I can say that My Green Mattress has helped my little guy sleep. I am also sleeping better knowing that I was able to give my son a healthy nights sleep.

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