Dinner For Sports Nights

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Dinner For Sports Nights

The reason I own a minivan isn’t that I think it is better than a sports car. My preference for a vacation instead of a night at the soccer field isn’t because it is more relaxing or exclusive but because it rarely happens.

I enjoy grocery shopping at Kroger’s because of the value they offer and the availability of easy meal solutions. I find myself looking for recipes while on the sideline and then picking up what I need the next day usually because in between school and practice my son has eaten an integral part of the next night’s meal.

Do you also struggle with being the taxi driver, homework lifeline, and short order cook?
I did, but then I discovered the magic trick to being the parent I wanted to be. I came up with a couple of on the go meal options that my children considered fun and that were portable enough to pack up and make on the field. The recipe below has traveled to several practices and is a lunch favorite.

Do you also want to help your children eat well without losing your mind? Are you also pulled between the desire to be the best parent and a schedule that requires four different markers and two drivers to make sure it happens?

Do you need an easy recipe that only requires a knife and doesn’t require an oven?

Ritz cracker toppings

I did. That is why I created this healthy and easy cracker toppings recipe. It has two versions one for when I have time and one for when I barely have enough time.

The first is the one I use when there are time limits. You know, like between one activity and the next.

RITZ crackers with toppings

I adjust my cape and drive to my neighborhood Kroger and buy:
RITZ Crackers (any of these will do RITZ Original 10.3 oz, Original Fresh Stacks 11.8 oz. or RITZ Spring Edition 13.7 oz.)
Pre-made guacamole (found in vegetable section)
One package of Salmon
1 Sliced Cucumber
1/3 cup of red onion
One tomato (if your kids will eat them)
One lemon (optional)


This is the way I build mine, but my children differ in their technique:
RITZ Cracker
RITZ Cracker
Tomato (optional)
Red onion (optional)
A squeeze of lemon (optional)

RITZ cracker topping ideas

After you have stacked these, then serve them up. This great on the go snack often serves as dinner for us. I find that my kids do not like to eat huge meals and then play sports. We currently have practice at 6:00- 7:30 so they do not want to eat a big meal and run for 1.5 hours. It is also an excellent appetizer for parties and a super bento style lunch option.

Healthy snack with cracker toppings

RITZ crackers

If you are a super mom which I am quite often, you can make guacamole using this easy recipe:

Easy Guacamole Recipe

5 Large avocados (black in color and they are soft when you press them, that is how you can tell they are ready)
2 Large limes or 4TBS of lime juice from the plastic lime thing
One diced white onion
3/4 cup of fresh cilantro chopped very finely
One large diced tomatoes (you can find this usually done for you in the refrigerated section at Kroger)
One tsp of salt
One tsp of minced garlic

You will need to cut the avocado and then scoop out the insides. Place them in a food processor or a blender. Then I add all of the other ingredients except the tomatoes. I fold those in later. Place these items in the food processor on low for 30 seconds. Next, you empty the mixture into a bowl. You will fold in the tomatoes and serve. It will turn brown if not eaten quickly. If I make more than we can eat I put it in a baggie, and I freeze it for use later.

RITZ Crackers at Kroger

The next time you are at Kroger, which will be in three days or less if your family is like mine. I suggest you pick up a box of RITZ Crackers. You can also pick them up at Bakers or Scotts. There are so many ways to use them, and my kids just adore their buttery, crunchy flavor that makes your mouth break out in a smile. You can check out all the fantastic recipes that will make parenting easier at FamilyRITZpiration.com.