Healthy Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Healthy Homemade Microwave Popcorn

I am gluten free so I was looking for cheap and easy snacks to make. I wanted a Healthy Homemade Microwave Popcorn because frankly I hate all the salt, oil, butter, and other ingredients added to my snack. I like to control what I am eating and I also like to control what I spend. I figured out a life hack to make my own healthy popcorn. This is what you need.

Healthy homemade microwave popcorn

1) Microwave

2) Brown bag I got 50 of them for $1.00

3) Popcorn kernels $1.97

4) Measuring cup

5) Clip that doesn’t have metal (hair clips work or take the metal off of those plastic hangers like I did)

6) Optional salt, pepper, cheese, chili pepper flakes etc

The first things you want to do is open the brown bag and the bag containing the popcorn. Then measure out 1/2 cup of kernels. Place those in the brown bag. Then clip the brown bag. Place the folded part face down in the microwave. Then turn on the popcorn feature of your microwave. If you do not have a popcorn feature go ahead and try microwaving for two minutes. This is cooking, so stay in the room while microwaving your popcorn just in case. The brown bag can be used multiple times so you can make different flavors for everyone in your house. Then once the healthy microwave popcorn  has popped go ahead and pour it in a bowl to cool a little bit prior to serving.

Microwave popcorn without a bag

If you do not have a brown bag do not worry you can take a microwave safe bowl.  Put 1/4 cup of popcorn in the bowl. Then place the plate on top of the bowl. Set your microwave for 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Recipes you can make with popcorn

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Popcorn cakes

Popcorn teddy bears

Cookie Butter marshmallow popcorn

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