vivaNUTRITION® Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of vivaNUTRITION® but all opinions are mine.

vivaNUTRITION® Review

Holiday Health for the Entire Family

Give the gift of health to your family with snacks and supplements from vivaNutrition. Best part is these are glutenfree, dairy-free, vegetarian and made with non-GMO products

It is the time of year to start giving thanks for the many things that we are blessed with. One thing that we may not have been naturally blessed with but can change right now is our health. Teaching healthy habits from a young age is essential to a well rounded future and something all parents can be thankful for!

It is also the time of year to start gearing up for the giftgiving season and while for fulfilling your gift list can be expensive getting healthy eating should not be. vivaNUTRITION products are glutenfree, dairy-free, vegetarian and made with non-GMO products… A perfect way to get a jumpstart on a new year full of health! Who says that New Year’s resolutions have to start on January 1st?

Now is the time to stock up on vivaNutrition products because for a limited time only they are cutting the price of each of the four vivaNUTRITION products by about 50% at Amazon

To that end, vivaNUTRITION has partnered with to help get you on the right path towards holiday health for the entire family. They are cutting their prices by about 50% on the four products they offer on Amazon.

A 15-day supply of the Blueberry Fiber Bars and Raspberry Beet Fiber Bars are available on the vivaNUTRITION website at $19.49, but as part of this promotion and through the entire month of November will be on sale on Amazon for $9.99!

The Probiotics for kids, a 30 count/1 month supply, are $24.99 on the website and $12.99 on Amazon for this promotion.

And the vegetarian DHA capsules for adults are $23.99 on the website and $12.99 on Amazon, making them one of the least expensive bottles of DHA available on Amazon. You cannot get a better deal on these amazing products!

Here is a breakdown of each of the products:

vivaNUTRITION DHA capsules
One key difference between vivaNUTRITION® DHA and our competition is that we’re 100% vegetable-sourced algae as opposed to fish-based with all the challenges of ocean contamination. In addition, unlike other DHA, our DHA Soft-gels have no wheat, gluten, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, sugar, preservatives, salt or artificial flavors.

vivaNUTRITION® quick dissolving packets (30 per box) support the ideal balance between your children’s good bacteria and the otherwise non-beneficial bacteria, that resides in the GI Tract. 5 Billion Probiotics from vivaNUTRITION® contains one of the most widely studied probiotic strains, BB-12® Bifidobacterium Lactis. BB-12® has shown in multiple clinical studies to alleviate occasional digestive distress while supporting a child’s natural defenses.

Healthy kids are happy kids so give them a healthy snack that is nutritious and good for them. Try vivaNutrition chia bars.

Super Fiber Chia Bars
Chia seeds contain omega-3 fats which have various health benefits for children’s behavioral, attentional, and emotional health and these nutritive seed are also excellent for development of bones and tissue.*

Healthy kids are happy kids so give them a healthy snack that is nutritious and good for them. Try vivaNutrition chia bars.

Oats are whole grains which contain high amounts of fiber as well as nutrients. These grains contain slow-burning carbohydrates which help satiate your child’s hunger and keep them full for a longer period of time. They also steadily provide energy through the day, giving your child the energy they need for their studies and sports activities. The fiber in oats helps with digestion, helps in the easy movement of food through the digestive system and prevents complications including constipation.*

I hope that you give them a shot and try on a new healthy lifestyle for you and your family in 2018! Order online and have them delivered straight to your door. In addition to their website and, vivaNUTRITION products are now being sold on the Healthy Finds website.

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