Gifts in a Jar Ideas

Decorate Gifts in a Jar in your own way!

Gifts in a Jar Ideas

Use these tips and ideas to create your own unique way to Decorate Gifts in a Jar.

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Giving Gifts In A Jar is a fun and easy way to give gifts to friends and family. There are lots of ideas and the best part of making these thoughtful homemade gifts is it’s cheaper and inexpensive.  

First thing to do is to pick the jar based on the items in the gift and the recipient of the gift.  For an individual you can use a small clean pimento jar, for the family you could use a 1/2 gallon jar.  Also, you can use other containers or jars with unusual shapes.


hotchocolatemixfinalCooking with Kids-Dessert Brownie Mix in a Jar recipe

Decorate the jar – Use whatever paints, stickers, fabrics, ribbons, or twine you have to make simple changes in the look of the Gifts In A Jar but don’t distract from the gift. Make labels with your computer or simply neatly write the directions on a blank return address label.  Strategically place the label to cover slight mess-ups (as pictured in the cocoa layer of the brownie mix).  Use pinking sheers to cut a large circle out of fabric to place under the rim of the jar.  A hole punched gift tag can be attached to the ribbon around the lid. Think of other add ons that can be put on the ribbon (candy cane, ornament or a loufa as in the pic above with the bath wash). If the jar already has a decorative exterior then you can just add ribbons.

If your Gifts in a Jar don’t look good from the outside:  place a piece of tissue paper on a flat surface, center the jar, lift the tissue paper around the jar and tie with a ribbon or if the recipient can use one, a scrunchie:

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Another option for Gifts in a Jar that don’t look good from the outside is to use a painted mason jar.  Mason jars are simple to spray paint upside down outside.  I successfully used an indoor/ outdoor gloss paint.

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Make the Gifts in a Jar a part of a larger selection of gifts that go along with the Gifts in a Jar or a theme of several jars.  A basket containing Brownie mix in a jar with a 9×13 casserole dish,  Finger Mitt potholders and a few bags of optional toppings (found in the Brownie recipe) would be a delightful gift.  A Tater Baker bag with a small jar of potatoe toppings and a bag of potatoes could be a quick and easy side or meal for a college student or single elderly individual.   Using other gift items alongside of your Gifts in a Jar decorates them without changing the jar!

Aside from food, there are a lot of other gift ideas that you can put in jars.

You can make paper stars with one quote written on each and fill the jar with it or maybe 365 pieces so your friend can have one each day for the whole year. You can also use Bible verses, good deed challenges or fortune messages. Instead of paper stars you can also use popsicle sticks.

You can make a big batch of homemade lotion, honey bath or homemade hand soap and put it in jars for friends.

Get some great crafty ideas for decorating your Gifts In A Jar as well as recycling that jar into something fun, decorative and or useful with this book from Amazon : Mason Jar Crafts:  DIY Projects for Adorable and Rustic Decor, Storage, Lighting, Gifts and Much More. 

What are your favorite gifts in a jar ideas? Share it with us below

Enjoy making your Gifts In A Jar a work of art!