All Natural Drain Cleaning tip: The joy of…Drains?

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The joy of…Drains?

So my husband was gone racing this past weekend, and I decided to take the weekend off. You know….relax….enjoy my time….enjoy the kids….enjoy NOT cleaning (haha).

So it’s Saturday….My kitchen was spotless, floors were clean and all that was on them were the toys from the day….and as I walked into the living/dining/kitchen area (they are all combined) I smelled this awful smell. I had no idea what it was….looked around and the dished were in the dishwasher, no pots or pans laying around. The only thing I could think of was the trash. Took it out and let it be.

Now it is Sunday….We get home from church and as the kids are changing clothes I go to get lunch ready and there it is! The smell I had no idea of the origin. Well at this point I knew it wasn’t the trash, dishes, food, pots or pans….the sink was clean so it couldn’t be that right???

WRONG!! I never think to actually CLEAN the drain. I run the disposal when I put food down there, but have honestly never thought to actually clean it. Well, now that I have thought about it I want to share with you how I did it….and let me tell you it was super easy (a tad time consuming but you will see why) and the smell was instantly gone! =)

I Googled ideas and pulled out my homemaker’s bible (I will do another post on this one) and between the both….I came up with the Fashionable Housewife’s version of what I had readily available. So many places say lemon and orange rinds….run them through the disposal and the smell leaves it all fresh and clean. Well, of course I didn’t have either! So this is what I did….

Vinegar Cubes:
You will need:
– an ice cube tray (I actually used a 6-hold cupcake tin…works great!)
– While Vinegar

– pour the tray(tin) ½ – ¾ full of the vinegar.
– Freeze until fully frozen
– break cubes out (if using the tin, soak in hot water for 10 seconds and they come out super easy)
– Toss them in the drain, run cold water and the disposal and voila! Clean and smell free kitchen sink drain!

Thanks to The Fashionable Housewife for this post! Check out more Homemaking tips.