How to Make a Boppy Slipcover

How to make a Boppy Slipcover

I found a really nice bobby that I fell in love with for my first two boys but by the time my little princess came along the blue with stars Boppy was just not going to cut it anymore. So I decided to make my own boppy slipcover.

I am not the best at sewing but believe me this is pretty easy. It’s very easy if you already have a bobby, so all you need to work on is the slipcover.

What you Need:

– Material 2 – 26 in x 23 in (average bobby is 19.5 x 16.1 x 5.8)

– Scissors

– Sewing Machine

– Thread

– Boppy for measurements

– Zipper or Velcro

How to Make a boppy slipcover:

  1. Take the material you want to make a slip cover with and lay it with print facing each other.
  2. Take a fabric pencil and place the bobby on top of the material.
  3. Draw 3 inches from the boppy all around creating your sew line.
  4.  Cut around the sew line about 1 inch except for the middle inner side of the Boppy. The inner sides will only need to be cut as a slit in a C shape the size of a cup.
  5. Make sure your fabric printed side is facing each other and start sewing the middle first going in a line toward the outside.
  6. Leave one side open about 6 inches long. This is for the opening to remove the slip cover on and off for easy washing.
  7. Determine what kind of closing you want. For the more experienced you may want to add a zipper but an easier more cost effective way is folding the material back and adding 2 Velcro strips about 2 inches apart.
  8. Turn the bobby slipcover inside out and place on the Boppy and you are done!

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