How to make a Tutu Hairbow Holder

How to make a Tutu Hairbow Holder

Today, I am going to show you a fun, easy way to make a Tutu Hairbow Holder! Like most girls, my little girl has tons of hairbows! We pretty much had them stashed everywhere! We even had them stuffed into drawers and  clipped on to our lamps. So I was thinking that I had to find a better way to  store her hairbows. With this Tutu Hairbow Holder, not only are all your little girls bows in once place, but it is a super cute way to display them, and it can be personalized to match whatever theme you would like! This project cost about $7, and took me about an hour to make.

Here is what you will need to make this Tutu Hairbow Holder:

  • 1 yard of fabric (whatever pattern you want)
  • 4 yards of tulle. (I used 2 different colors, so I got 2 yards of each)
  • 2 spools of coordinating ribbon.
  • hot glue gun
  • really good scissors
  • 1 foam core board (or cardboard)

Here is how to make a Tutu Hairbow Holder:

Step 1:Trace and then Cut your foam core in the shape of a bodice. You will need a really good pair of scissors or a box cutter would work great as well.  I traced the shapes on the back of the board a few times until I was satisfied with the shape.

Step 2: Cut your fabric in 1/2 lengthwise, you will cute out 2 different bodices, 1 that is true to size of your foam core pattern, and 1 that is about an inch bigger on all sides.

Step 3: You will use the fabric that is slightly larger for the front side of your bodice. Hot glue it to the foam core bodice, and seal it on the backside with your true to size fabric bodice. I do recommend cutting slits on the sides where the bodice goes in, and at the top, which will prevent bunching.

Step 4: Measure around the middle of your bodice, and cut a ribbon about 2 inches longer than your measurements  Then make a tutu for your bodic. If you don’t know how to make a tutu, check out my Tutu TutorialAfter your tutu is made, I suggest hot gluing it around the bodice so it will lay flat against the wall.

Step 5: After you have your tutu laid and cut evenly, you will add your ribbon which will be what the bows are going to be clipped too. Hot glue them equal lengths apart and then add a ribbon at the top, which will hide the tops of the ribbons.

Step 6: Add a ribbon at the top of the bodice which will be used to hang your Tutu Hairbow Holder on the wall (or you could hang it on a hanger as well) I also added a corset design to the middle of the bodice, you can add any design you would like!

Step 7: Add your bows! This Tutu Hairbow Holder would probably hold up to 20 bows!

I had such a good time making this Tutu Hairbow Holder and it was something that was easy, and cheap. My little girl loved that she could pick out the colors and fabric she wanted. any little girl that loves bows, will love to have this tutu hairbow holder hanging in their room!